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Fri. May 10, 2013 by Mary    The Latest

Friday Announcements! :)

Good morning & Happy Friday!!

Remember back in high school how they would always do morning announcements? And how we all secretly wished that a xylophone was involved like they had at Rydell High in Grease? No? That was just me? Oh well, nevermind then!

Well today we have so much to cover, that I decided to do my own version of Friday morning announcement. And just know that I am totally sitting here with a xylophone in my office right now. And wearing a bee hive. And doing the hand jive. (Grease is the) Word!

First up, is that we are so excited to announce TWO NEW STOPS for our J&M Lighting Intensive: Chapel Hill, NC on June 5th & Minneapolis, MN on June 19th!! We opened these up yesterday to our J&M Facebook page first, and the seats are already starting to fill up. So be sure to grab your spot soon if you want to come! For anyone who signs up TODAY, we will also be including a copy of The Guide ($150 value). To grab your seat, just head over HERE.

Second, is that we were super honored to see that Rangefinder Magazine picked up the story of our deserving solider Disney giveaway at our WPPI Platform & the shoot we did with Sonya, Steven & Grace earlier this year before the What's Next Tour!! I LOVE seeing these guys in there!

Next up, our good friends Ashley & Graham (the Scobeys!!) have just seen one of their bHag's (big, hairy, audacious goals for those of you who are new here!) come to life with the start of their "Art to Aid" project which is pretty much rocking my world! From Graham:

"Art to Aid is an online marketplace that enables people to do good through the act of creating and through the act of buying creative goods. We exist to cultivate a community around the idea that consumerism is not an individualistic endeavor; that it has the potential to not only be mutually beneficial between the buyer and the seller, but beneficial to society and to the world. It is an open, social platform that is free to join. Creatives can elect a cause to champion and to whom they will give a selected portion of their profits. They can then create their personalized storefront, list and sell their products, track their impact, set goals, and collaborate with other creatives who are championing the same cause. Consumers can browse by traditional categories of items, or they can choose to browse by causes that are important to them and seek out creatives that are supporting those causes. Consumers will also be able to track their impact, create wish lists, subscribe to their favorite creatives, and participate in community discussions. You can find out more about what we are doing and why we are doing it at"

These guys have set an amazing goal of having 1,000 creatives signed up by September, so if this speaks to you....head on over & join the cause!

And finally, we were so sooo SO excited to have our work featured as the both the back & front cover for Style Me Pretty's new Little Black Book Guide!! These guys are pretty much the authority on all things pretty, so this was such a HUGE honor for us!

Happy Friday y'all!

**And oh wait, almost forgot the most exciting announcement of all! Congratulations to our Starbucks winner....Miss BrandiLynn Aines!!! Congrats!!


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