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Mon. Apr 21, 2014 by Mary    Engagements

NYC Cherry Blossom Engagement Shoot: Kristen & Andrew

When we were making the drive down to New York, I have to admit to being really nervous. We had planned to shoot with Kristen & Andrew in the cherry blossoms in Central Park (with the perfect dress to go with it!), but as we were making our way down through mile after mile in Connecticut....there was not a blossom to be seen. But I just kept on hoping, and sure enough, the second we pulled into the City there were pink blossoms everywhere!

We met up with these guys at The Bethesda Fountain and had the best time walking all along the tree-lined paths, through the Terrace, and over to The Bandshell. It was the perfect day for the shoot. It was just slightly chilly, but that just meant we had the park mostly to ourselves. And it gave Kristen & Andrew the chance to cuddle more! :) After the shoot we made our way over to the famous boathouse in Central Park for a glass of wine and some delicious Crumbs cupcakes that these guys brought for us (have I mentioned that J&M Brides are the BEST clients in the world?! We seriously could not ask for better couples!)

Kristen & Andrew we had such an amazing time getting to know you guys, hearing all about your incredible travels all over the world, and your very cool jobs (Kristen works at MTV!!) We cannot WAIT for the big day & thankfully we don't have to! It's coming up so fast and it will be here before we know it! And we just can't wait to be there and share it with you! Until then, here are some of our favorites from the shoot & an absolutely incredible day!

So much love,

Sat. Apr 19, 2014 by Mary    Engagements

Gillette Castle Engagement Shoot: Ashleigh & Andrew

When we met up with these two for their engagement shoot at Gillette Castle a few days ago, they surprised us with flowers (gorgeous tulips!) and one of their favorite bottles of wine. And just like that, I knew this shoot was going to be amazing! :)

When you add to that some of the prettiest golden light we've seen in a while and a castle as our backdrop, I was pretty much running around the whole time shouting with happiness!! :) But my favorite part of the shoot would have to be just getting to hang out with Ashleigh & Andrew. These two just make me happy. They are the kind of people I would want to hang out with even if we weren't their just want to be friends with them! They are funny and smart and successful and they have the BIGGEST hearts. And they're just SO good together. I loved watching Andrew's face when we were doing some of the pictures of just can just tell he's crazy about this girl! And she in turn just takes such good care of him. In short, they make doing what we do easy. And it's a joy to know them!

These guys are getting married this Fall at The Barns at Wesleyan & based on what they've already told me, it's going to be an incredible day! I can't wait to show you! But until then, just sit back, relax & get cozy as you take a look at some of our favorites from their engagement shoot and...

Meet: Ashleigh & Andrew!

A&A, we had the BEST time with you!! We cannot WAIT to see you again in November (and hopefully before then too! Because that's too far away!)
SO much love,

Sun. Apr 13, 2014 by Mary    Engagements

Garden of the Gods Engagement Shoot: Rene & John

Good morning!

And ohhhhh do we have just the shoot to kick your week off right!! We met up with Rene & John last week while we were out in Colorado to do their engagement shoot at The Broadmoor & Garden of the Gods....and did I mention there was a pink tulle skirt involved?? Yea, it was amazing!!

You'll recognize Rene as our stunning model from the Denver Lighting Intensive ("Rene in Red"), and I just feel SO darn lucky to be able to call this girl a Justin & Mary Bride!! We first met her about five years ago at a conference (Rene is a photographer herself!) right around the time she had first started dating John, so when we got the email from them saying they wanted to hire us for the wedding we were absolutely over the moon excited! These guys actually ended up hiring us before they were even officially engaged because they knew they wanted us & didn't want the date (Memorial weekend!) to book up.....I mean, talk about your IDEAL couple!! :)

We met up with these guys early on the day of the engagement shoot to drive down & scout out where the wedding is going to be. And just WAIT till you see this place...AND the place where we're going to go for our second round of portraits. Yea, they are giving us TWO rounds of portraits to make sure we get all the best I said, ideal couple!! But for me, what makes them the most ideal is just how great these two are together. The ease and comfort these two share. The calm that John brings to Rene and the light that Rene brings to John's face when he sees her. These two They have fun together, they laugh together, they plan and dream together. They are each other's biggest cheerleaders. And I for one, am going to be cheering right alongside them not just for this wedding...but for the beautiful marriage that they're building. Together.

Rene & John, we had the BEST time with you guys! Exploring Canon City, walking around The Broadmoor, frrrrrrrreeezing at Garden of the was an incredible day!! And now it has us all the more excited for the really BIG day, just over a month away! Before you know it, we'll be back out there & all together. Until then, we hope these get you really excited for all the fun to come!!

So much love,

Tue. Feb 4, 2014 by Mary    Engagements

Annapolis Engagement Shoot: Ashley & Kyle

They met through friends.

That's how the story starts. His world somehow intersected with hers, and now it's hard to remember a time when there was an Ashley without a Kyle . Group dinners turned into conversations with just the two of them. Where sentences were finished and hours slipped by. And the world outside just kept on moving in both a blink and a long, slow blur. The way that it does when you have found your soulmate.

A couple years later, he got down on one knee in the middle of her dance studio and told her that theirs was the only dance he needed to know for the rest of their lives. That the steps were already printed on his heart. And he just didn't want to remember a time when there was a Kyle without an Ashley. Just a place where sentences were finished and the most important questions were answered. And if he could have that yes, then the rest of the world outside could just keep on moving in both a blink and a long, slow blur.

Because he was someone who had found his soulmate.

Meet: Ashley & Kyle

We got together with these guys this past weekend to do their engagement shoot all around Annapolis, and get to know them over some of the most amazing pizza bread & sangria I've had in a long time. And let me tell you, these two are just a dream couple! Kyle is just the sweetest guy & kept us laughing the whole time, and Ashley is the kind of girl you just want to be best friends with! Photography was super important to them as Ashley's grandfather was actually a wedding photographer and her grandma would go out with him to assist and help with the posing (they may very well have been the very first husband and wife team!), so we were incredibly honored when they asked us to photograph their day. They are getting married later this year along the Eastern Shore and we are SO excited to see the day they put together. If it's anything like them, I know it will be amazing!


Wed. Dec 18, 2013 by Mary    Engagements

Miami Beach Engagement Shoot: Baylor & Larry

Happy Wednesday you guys!!

Today we are SO excited to share with you Baylor & Larry's Miami Beach engagement shoot!! We met up with these guys at the Fontainebleau Hotel while we were down in Miami to grab drinks with them, talk about their amazing wedding in Maine next year, and to do a quick engagement shoot with them! It was a gorgeous evening with the most perfect pink & blue sunset, and a couple who loves each other holding hands along the beach. In other words, it was an amazing shoot! We can't WAIT for their big day next year, but until then take some time to look their engagement pictures and get to know these guys as you...

Meet: Baylor & Larry

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