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Tue. Dec 14, 2010 by Mary    "Get to Know You" Shoots

Meet: Laura & Andy

And now for you guys in the late crowd, you get to be the very first to meet the super cute Laura & Andy. These two are getting married next year, and we had an awesome time hanging out all around South Norwalk for their engagement shoot.


Sat. Dec 4, 2010 by Mary    "Get to Know You" Shoots

Meet: Brigid & Josh

We are on a blogging ROLL over here!! We are just cranking out the shoots, and next up is the "Get to Know You" shoot we did with Brigid & Josh up in Vermont, starting at the very top of Okemo Mountain. Which we had to hike up to. With me huffing & puffing the whole way. Brigid & Josh, all I have to say is you guys better KNOW I love you after that!

Meet: Brigid & Josh

Brigid and Josh, you two are total Rock. Stars.

Brigid and Josh love to snowboard, so they brought their boards along. LOVE!

Lookin' good Josh, lookin' good!

Some quiet time on top of the mountain



Some snuggling on a ski lift? Yes, please!

Then we stopped for a quick outfit change

How gorgeous are these two?

See what I mean? Total rock stars!

Work it!

LOVE Brigid's boots!

Brigid has the most amazing blue eyes! Don't you think?

Another quick change and we were back at at!

Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

Love that necklace!

The End!

Mon. Nov 22, 2010 by Mary    "Get to Know You" Shoots

Meet: Lizzie & Jim

Happy Tuesday!!

Today is the day that we will be announcing the Spread the Love 2011 cities (woo hoo!!!) along with a pretty KILLER (if we do say so ourselves) Twitter contest. Both of those will be coming your way at 2:30pm EST so be sure to stay tuned! But since I know you're all on pins & needles, I just couldn't leave you hanging without some sort of gorgeous distraction while you wait. And it pretty much doesn't get any more gorgeous than Lizzie & Jim in Westport.

Everything from the football to the low tide Ralph Lauren-esque sailboats to Lizzie's incredible heels were just perfect that day. And it came together to be one of our all time favorite shoots...of all time!! :) To put it in perspective.... I kind of want to wall paper my office with these pictures. For real. I hope you enjoy!

Meet: Lizzie & Jim

Lizzie & Jim, you guys totally blew us away! I hope you love these pictures as much as we love you guys.....and I think you KNOW how much that is!
So much love,

So we started out inside Jim's parents house which was INSANELY beautiful. And right away, we could tell Barkley was going to be the star of the show.

Then we took it to the backyard for some wine....

....and cards, which L&J love to play!

Meanwhile, Barkley is all about the tennis balls.

And snuggling!

Gah! make our job WAY too easy! You are EXQUISITE!

Then it was time to break out a lil' football....where it got a lil' competitive. :)

Love it!

Ok, so this is where it REALLY got good. Lizzie & Jim ever so casually mentioned that we go down to the beach. Ok. But what they DIDN'T mention was that the beach looked like this. Add in the fact that it was low tide and we were basically walking on the floor of the Sound (and boats were just sitting there like this) and it was like something out of a dream. A really, really good dream....unless of course I would look down and see small things in clumps which, those of you who have been reading this blog any length of time know by now, make me gag! :) But other than that, it was perfect!

Speaking of perfect....check out those boots!

Love, love, love. The one on the right is one of my all time faves.

Jim, I think you should forget about hedge funds and just go ahead and do this professionally. Just sayin.

After a quick wardrobe change, Lizzie busted out these heels. And just like that, I knew we would be friends forever.


The End!!

Thu. Oct 7, 2010 by Mary    "Get to Know You" Shoots

Meet: Jaclyn & Dan

Good morning!

We are putting on all the last minute finishing touches for our Walk Through a Wedding Workshop before our attendees get here. Welcome bags? Check. Coffee & little pastries? Check. Number Two Pencils? Check. Well....not really. But that would be awesome.

But before the day gets fully under way, I wanted to hop on real quick and introduced you to Jaclyn & Dan. After the workshop, we'll be staying in Boston to shoot their wedding at the Four Seasons. We got together with them a while back to shoot their Get to Know You shoot at the equally fabulous Crane Estate (LOVE it there!) and then a few night shots downtown. And we thought you guys should get to know them too! :)

Meet: Jaclyn & Dan

Let's just start here: Jaclyn is FIERCE! Just look at that stare she's rockin!

But I love how Dan can make her laugh like no one else.

The light at the Crane Estate was insane! One of the many reasons I may just live there someday. :)

The Crane Estate in all its grand glory


This one just makes me happy

Jaclyn you are so beautiful! And Dan you were lookin pretty sharp yourself! :)



This is not our usual style, but we had some fun with it and I'm really psyched with how they turned out!!

This set rocks my socks!

Mon. Sep 27, 2010 by Mary    "Get to Know You" Shoots

Meet: Nichole & Steve

Alright friends, as you wind down your Monday we have one more post for you this evening: the super cute Get to Know You shoot of Nichole & Steve. I think these two put the adore in adorable because they absolutely adore each other and I absolutely adore them. Together. And together there is just no better word to describe them than adorable. Did you follow all that? :)

We got together with these two to play all around the borough of Stonington. There was clam chowder, rock jetties, and sailboats in the distance. Sounds like a perfect day to me!

Meet: Nichole & Steve

Nichole you are the cutest!! I couldn't stop smiling as I was looking through these!

And Steve, you are one dapper fella yourself!



Raar. :)

Double raar.

So N&S brought these signs. And I....well, I adore them! :)

Seriously, how cute are they??


Work it, lemme work it.

Nichole & Steve, we had the best time hanging out with you guys and getting to know you better! We absolutely can't wait for March to roll around so we can do it all over again!

So much love,

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