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Mon. Aug 26, 2013 by Mary    Portraits

Meet: Tiffany Farley

Good morning & Happy Monday!

We have been shooting like CRAZY lately (I guess 'tis the season!), with four shoots last week alone! And we can't wait to show you guys everything, so we decided to make this week kind of a power week of photo posts to get everything up. And I can't think of any better way to kick that off than with the headshots we did recently for the incredibly talented, not to mention gorgeous, Miss Tiffany Farley!

We first met Tiffany when she did a mentoring session with us about a year ago, and she has since become one of our closest & best friends. Tiffany is one of the most insanely gifted & talented portrait photographers I know (seriously, go follow her stuff if you aren't already!) So when she asked us to do the new headshots for her site, we were beyond honored! We met up at a local beach, where we were blessed with the best glory light all evening long!

Before the shoot, Tiffany warned us that she "gets really awkward in front of the camera & doesn't know what to do." And I am here to tell you that she is a LIAR! :) This girl can work it both behind AND in front of the camera like nobody's business. Some girls have all the luck! :)

So sit back, relax & grab a cup of coffee as you....

Meet: Tiffany Farley

Tue. Aug 20, 2013 by Mary    Portraits

Meet: Katie Yuen

I first met the adorable Katie Yuen at one of our "Spread the Love" workshops in NYC a few years ago & then again when she helped out on one of our Walk Through a Wedding workshops. Since then, Katie has become someone I'm lucky enough to call a friend. I've watched her finish photo school, get married, and now start her photography business full time. A little while back we were able to get together with her to do one of our Mentoring Sessions + Mini Headshots, to brainstorm where her business should go from here. We created a strategy, set out a next action plan, and laid a path forward. Together. And from what she's told me, she's already tearing through that list we gave her like nobody's business. And I for one, can't wait to see her fly.

Katie is kind, loyal, and a gifted encourager. She is one of those bright shining lights that you just know is going to set the world on fire....and help a ton of people in the process. She stands for the good stuff. All of it. I'm telling you....keep your eye on this one!

Meet: Katie Yuen!!

**And if you are interested in signing up for your own Mentoring Session + Mini Headshots, so we can rock out a next action plan for your business & what's next- together- just shoot us an email at!!

Tue. Aug 6, 2013 by Mary    Portraits

Meet: The Orlovsky Family

Good morning & Happy Tuesday!

Today we have for you THREE times the fun, from this adorable family shoot we did down at the Jersey Shore. Now Justin & I don't normally do family shoots, as we really just specialize in weddings & couples but for these guys we had to make an exception. You see Tiffany & Dan are one of our ALL TIME favorite past couples (like if we had J&M all-star jerseys to give out, they would totally get one!) and we were there for them for their engagement shoot & wedding. Then when they found out they were having triplets we traveled down to PA for both Tiffany's maternity session & then again for the boys' newborn session. These guys have since moved down to Florida (Dan plays in the NFL for Tampa), but when they wrote to see if we could meet up while they were spending a month on vacation at the Shore we knew we had to make it happen!

And boy (oh boy oh boy) am I glad we did! The boys have gotten SO big and are running all over the place! But they are just *such* good happy & full of fun. I realized through the whole shoot that my cheeks were hurting from smiling so much. And I just feel so incredibly lucky to have now done our fifth shoot with these guys & get to share life with them. Tiffany & Dan, I hope it doesn't even need to be said at this point....but we LOVE you guys! And consider you not just friends, but family! We can't wait til we see you again!


Mon. Jul 29, 2013 by Mary    Portraits

Meet: Jenny & Craig

Happy Monday friends!

Today we have for you the sweet anniversary shoot of Jenny & Craig! These guys actually came over to London for the Walk Through workshop (more on that to come!) all the way from Wyoming!! So while they were there, we also took the chance for them to get in front of our camera to do an anniversary shoot. We had the best time shooting all over the city with them & getting to know them better! As you can see, they made it easy. We hope you enjoy!


Fri. Jul 26, 2013 by Justin    Portraits

Right Now.

Happy Friday friends!

As we speak, we are about to board a ferry to a tiny island off the coast of Maine for a few days of being off the radar, resting, re-charging & spending time with good friends. I hope you guys have something similar planned, where you take some time for what matters most, to turn your brains off, let go of the pressures you put on yourself, and just spend some time soaking in where you are at this exact moment right here in life.

Because this whole life is made up of a series of right nows. And right now is pretty amazing.

We'll be back on Monday and absolutely cannot wait to share more from this shoot that we did while we were over in London.

Until then, thank you guys for sharing this life with us. Seriously. It means more than you'll ever know.

So much love,

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