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Sun. Jan 31, 2010 by Mary    Weddings

Married: Annette & Mike (Part I)

Sometimes it's the space between. That moment between what you think is important and what really is. That fleeting place where real life happens. Where real love happens. It's the breath before the kiss. The doors before they open. The gaps between her fingers and yours. It's a smile when no one's looking. Your foreheads right before they touch. A dance that goes on just a little longer. It's throwing your arms around his neck, and catching that moment while your hands are still in the air because it makes you feel alive.

Yes sometimes it's the space between. And somewhere along the line you start to realize that it makes up a whole life together.

Married: Annette & Mike

Annette & Mike were married on a day that would make Yukon Cornelius himself go "BRRRRRRRR." (Yes, I did just totally bust out a clay-mation Rudolf reference...go with it!) But nobody there that day seemed to care. Perhaps it was because we all somehow knew what we were witnessing. The space between family and tradition, ceremony and celebration that make up a life together. And we were all there to see the start of this incredible life together. Annette & Mike, it is my wish for you that you always live in the space between. In movies on the couch, garlic in the saucepan, and doing dishes side by side. Live for those moments. Because they are what make up life. Together. A&M, it was our honor to be there with you guys yesterday. Have an amazing time in Mexico, and always remember that margaritas on the rocks most definitely dwell in the space between!! :)

So much love,

I LOVED Annette's bouquet from John at Surroundings Floral! I especially loved the pine needles and the brooch that they put on the wrap.

As you can imagine, these were a big hit at the groomsmen's gifts :)

Mike was looking pretty dapper that day! :)

The fierce shoes and a jewelry box that Annette's parents had made special for the day.

Work it. Lemme work it.

When we walked into the room and Ms. Naomi Martinez herself was there doing the makeup, I felt like we'd just crashed a celebrity's party! She's like BFF with Tyra! :P

Meanwhile, Mrs. Krasnicki and me coulda been BFF. LOVE her!

Annette, there are no words. Just look at this picture girl!! You are perfection.

Here we go!!

Wow. Just wow.


Stay tuned tomorrow for Part II!!

Sun. Jan 31, 2010 by Mary    Life with J&M

Taking Direction

I cried a lot.

Someone asked me at one of the Spread the Loves, how do you dig yourself out of a mountain of work when just breathing feels like a burden? And this is what I said to them. I cried. A LOT. I would push my head back and close my eyes to the popcorn ceiling, as fat tear drops streaked their way down my cheek bones and formed puddles in my earlobes below. Then I''d rest my throbbing forehead on my desk and watch those teardrops paratrooper to the floor, while my own heartbeat pounded in my ears. I would pace, I would pray, I would silently sob. And then when that was over, I would sit back down and do the work.

Last year, Justin & I took three times as many weddings as we've ever had before. It was one of the most amazing years of our lives. And... one of the hardest. Not fully knowing what we were getting ourselves into, we quickly got behind. And as anyone who has ever been behind can tell you, behind is not a static thing. You don't start off 5 things back and stay 5 things back. It snowballs. Like a St. Bernard digging you out of an avalanche, it snowballs. And pretty soon, 5 turns into 10 turns into 20 turns into 24. 24 shoots back. And a mountain of work upon us that makes just breathing feel like a burden.

But here's the sit back down and you do the work. And with a sandbox shovel in an avalanche, you dig yourself out.

Dear bloggity blog world, I can now tell you that this blog is officially current! A-MEN!!! And just in time too, because our 2010 season kicked off yesterday with a bang. And because in so many ways I want 2010 to be the year that's all about living in the moment, I plan to keep it that way! To never let it get behind again. This year we are taking even more weddings than we did last year, and I want to share all of them with well as the moments in between that make up our lives...just as they happen. To live in that moment. To love in that moment. As you can see from the photo below, I'm not usually too good at taking direction (because I'm usually the one giving it! :) But for just this once, this is a direction I am happy to take.

So be sure to tune in later today for our very first wedding of the year!

Here's to living in the moment,

** I also just want to say a huge thanks to all of our 2009 clients for allowing us to do what we love and for bearing with us while we figured it all out. You have the patience of saints and I love each and every one of you. Thank you for making our dream possible every single day.

Fri. Jan 29, 2010 by Mary    Stuff we Love

Stuff We Love: DD Nickel Makeup

Whew! What a crazy couple of days of traveling that was! On Wednesday, we got up super early to drive the 18 hours from Dallas to Phoenix. Yea, somehow we forgot to mapquest that ahead of time and ended up having to make tracks that day to be in town to catch our flight yesterday morning. We got in in the wee hours of the morning and then had to get back up bright & early to hop a flight back to CT to shoot our first wedding of the year tomorrow. After one of the roughest landings I've ever experienced in Baltimore (seriously thought we were going to skid off the runway....the bruises on Justin's hand prove it) and nearly having our flight canceled for snow in CT, we are HERE!! So needless to say, last night was all about sleep! We can't wait to get back to shooting tomorrow, and since Julia stayed back in Phoenix with Cooper we are so lucky to have the lovely Nicole Benitez coming all the way up from DC to help us out. Good times!

Speaking of good times, let me tell you about DD's new line of makeup that she is just launching! :) Now I am usually a loyal MAC girl myself, but DD gave me a whole goody bag of samples, including 3 new eye shadows, and it's all I've been using since! Here are some of the shots that Justin took of the new line, so you can check em out for yourself!

**I think J really enjoyed setting everything up for this shoot because it took him back to his advertising photography days at RIT. Where he got to study techniques like this from the greats like Jody Dole & Irving Penn.

Wed. Jan 27, 2010 by Mary    Portraits

Meet: DD Nickel

Meet: Miss DD Nickel

Not only is DD the makeup genius behind the looks you see on most of the shows on The Style & Food Networks, she's also just a really amazing friend. The kind of girl you could grab a glass of wine with and laugh until your sides hurt. She's giving and kind and would do anything for anyone. So we thought it was high time we returned the favor! We got together with DD before the holidays to do new headshots for her, as well as to shoot her brand new line of makeup that she's just launching (more on that to come!) For now, enjoy the fierceness that is my friend DD.

DD, we love you and can't WAIT to get home, have a glass of wine, and laugh until our sides hurt!

** Please note that the wrap in the shots below is a vintage piece that DD inherited a while ago. So no new animals were harmed in the making of this photo shoot. Please don't hate!! :) :)

We started out in DD's amazing space.

Justin clearly was not ready to leave.....

so we hung around and started with some really fun black & whites.

LOOOOOOVE this one!!

Then we headed out side, where that wrap came in handy because it was brrrrrr fridgety!!

This blue wall was a lot of fun. I think it was a dumpster. :)

Two of my favorites from the whole day.

Or is it these two??

DD you are FIERCE!!!!!!! Give me that look girl!

DD's laugh is the BEST!!!

Wed. Jan 27, 2010 by Mary    Spread the Love

Portraits from the Road, San Antonio, TX

The single most amazing thing about this trip has been, without a doubt, the people we have gotten to meet. And the stories that they share. Stories that make me look at my mixed up, upside down, right side up, word jumble of a life and say "thank god." Thank you God for the blessings in my life. For the abundance that I take for granted every single day. For the breath that I breathe and heart in my chest. Thank you for Starbucks and Cooper's face and Taylor Swift on the iPod. Thank you for Mexican food where they know how to cook it. Thank you for friends & family who love me far more than I deserve. Thank you for letting me chase every dream I ever bothered to think of. And I'm sorry for not dreaming more, for loving more, for laughing more while I still have the chance. But I want You to know that I'm going to work on that. Every. single. day. I'm going to work on that. So, thank you God for the stories that they tell. Because for that fleeting moment, when I hear them, I feel like I'm actually holding on to how beautiful life is.

This is a picture of our Ranger friend at the Alamo. As he told us how he's saved for the past year to be able to drive his wife & four kids from San Antonio to Orlando, and take his family to Disney World for just one day. One day. One whole year of his life for one day of their happiness. And I never want to forget how proud he was when he told us that. Because that's love like only a father (or a mother) can give. And that to me, is beautiful.

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