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Fri. Oct 31, 2008 by Mary    Life with J&M

Happy Halloween!

I LOVE this day!! In honor of one of my favorite days of the whole year, we just wanted to post a sneak peak from one of our most recent engagement shoots that we just did up in New Hampshire. In the small town of Keene, every year the residents vie to defend their World Record for pumpking carving...28,952 to be exact. Ummm yea...that's a lot of pumpkins! More on this to come, but here are just a few of our favorites!!

New Hampshire is a BIG battleground state, so check out all the political pumpkins!! Love it!

Fri. Oct 31, 2008 by Mary    Portrait House

Meet: Joseph, Ann & the Fam

Here's another PH shoot, this time with Joseph & Ann, their two boys, and Ann's mom!! Enjoy!

This guy was a little shy to start off with...

but it didn't take him long to warm up at all!

C'mon...just look at that face!

Love this set with Ann's mom and the baby!!

Ann & Joe still have the heat!! Whew!

The day started off a little dreary, but the last few minutes we got the most amazing light!!

Thu. Oct 30, 2008 by Mary    The Latest

Just Want to Say Thank You!!

We just realized that yesterday marked the one month anniversary of our new blog launching (I promise we won't be counting down EVERY month...maybe just every other one! yea, that seems appropriate. :) But in that very crazy short amount of time we have gotten over 16,000 unique visits and just under 100,000 page views!!! ( I gotta think our snazzy new rotating headers had something to do with that last one!) This just totally blows my mind, so we just want to thank EVERYONE so much for stopping by, leaving a lil' blog lovin to brighten up our day, and just in general making us feel so loved!! We LOVE what we do so much, and we know how incredibly blessed we are that we get to say that every day. Having you guys there right along with us just means the world to us!

So seriously, these things just need to be said....thank you for that.

So much love!

***PS: So to celebrate, we thought we would go ahead and announce the winners of our launch contest... Miss Audra Bayette & Miss Sarah McCoy!!! You ladies will have your choice of some snazzy iTunes or B&H gift cards. Just hit us up with an email, so we know where to send them!

Wed. Oct 29, 2008 by Mary    Life with J&M

Scaredy Cat!

Ladies & Gentlemen of the Blog Community, I submit for your approval...

that I. AM. A. POSER.

A bully. A punk. A BIG smack talker. And myyyy oh my, how the mask does fall off.

Oh sure, I claim to love my scary movies. Make funky chicken noises and flap my arms at someone if they refuse to watch them with me. And moan to no end to Justin about how "Scary Movie Month" is just three days shy of being over and my cup is not even half full, let alone runneth over.

But you just let somebody actually WANT to watch a scary movie with me. Well, now...that's a different story entirely.

"What just happened?? Wait, don't tell me!! Ok, wait. No. Wait. Ok. Go. Tell me."

He sighs & rolls his eyes and leans down to whisper, "All the doors are closing and she can't get out. But you would KNOW that if you would actually uncover your eyes and WATCH the movie."

I look up for just a second, give him my best "HURMMMMPH" and go immediately back to cowering.

See for all my big walking, smack talking, in your face glory....what I FAIL to mention is how, exactly, I go about "watching" all of these scary movies.

With two thumbs shoved in my ears and the other eight fingers clenched tightly across my eyes, that's how!! And if that doesn't work well enough, well I'll just zip my hoodie all the way up over my head and crawl up under the covers where, as most scaredy cats do, I will remain the rest of the night.

And I have no shame in that.

Truth be told. It took me a solid four times through before I actually saw every scene in What Lies Beneath. Out of order, perhaps , and through the blurry field between my fingers. But I LOVED it nonetheless. Just like I love all my scary movies.

Scared to death. Screaming out loud. And shivering under the covers.

Because, honestly, what fun is watching a scary movie if you aren't actually just a little bit ...of a big old scaredy cat.

Tue. Oct 28, 2008 by Mary    Portrait House

Meet: Carielle

Meet: Carielle

Continuing with the special we were running to raise money for Portrait House, our next PH shoot was with lil' Miss Carielle and her mom, Kristine. And let me tell you, these girls knew how to work it for the camera!! This little girl was such a bundle of energy, kindness, generosity, personality and good ole fashioned attitude! Justin & I both just fell in love with her, and....if we were anywhere in the neighborhood of being ready for kids, which we're not thanks for asking :)...we would have been tempted to pack her right up along with the camera gear and bring her home with us.

Not that we would actually ever do something like that. That sort of thing is illegal.

C'mon...just look at that face!

Piggy tails!

I LOVE this one!! Out of nowhere, Carielle just started busting out with poses like this. Hello, America's Next Top Model.

LOL, the one on the left cracks me up every time! I think she's saying "oh no you did NOT just take my picture while I was fixing my shoe."

I can't believe I got this last one! We were just sitting there hanging out and out of nowhere Carielle reaches up and kisses her mom. Seriously???

Carielle, thank you so much for hanging out and sharing your toys & big handfuls of dirt with us! What can I say, you knocked our cotton socks off!

So much love,

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