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Sat. Oct 31, 2009 by Mary    Life with J&M

Happy Halloween!!

You asked, we answered!! We've been getting lots of emails wanting to know what our costume was already! :) Sooooo, here it is......



So there was me and I was dressed like this:

And then there was Justin...and he was wearing a little something like this:

And together we WERE.....

Cash......4......Clunker. Get it???

We were Cash For Clunkers!!!!! :) :) :)

We had a blast walking around our neighborhood and seeing it dawn on everyone what we were! I think the parents enjoyed it much more than the kids, but whatever!!

And of course, keeping in our theme, Cooper had to have his own costume. And this year he told us he'd like to go as....

Our car, the British Racing Green Mini Cooper!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!! We'd love to know...what did you go as?

Sat. Oct 31, 2009 by Justin    Justin & Mary Brides

Justin & Mary Brides: Killer Details! (Part V)

Finally we wrap up JC & Esther's AMAZING wedding with all of their Killer Details! No, KILL-AHHH details! Cause see, they were just that good!!

All of the beer for the wedding was brewed by JC's label, Trillium Brewing Co. featuring three distinct late summer brews. And all of the catering was done by one of our absolute favorites: the ladies of Gourmet Galley. LOVE them!!

Together, everyone involved with this wedding pulled off the organic, natural vibe that JC & Esther were going for flawlessly. It was amazing to watch it all come together!

C'mon, just look at these labels!! They're all hand numbered as well!

The flowers by It's So Ranuculus fit in so perfectly in the vineyards at Saltwater Farm


Just look at this presentation from Gourmet Galley

How cool is this?!

Ok, how much am I loving the idea of toasting to a long life with a wine called LONG LIFE?! Awesome!!

The set up was complete perfection.

Keeping with the theme of friends & family making things for the wedding (like Esther's dress), one of the family members hand made all of the different stands for the cakes. Love this idea!

I was so in love with this set up for the place cards that I couldn't stop shooting them!

At the end of the night, guests received brown bags of cookies made from different secret family recipes. Ok, not so secret....because each bag contained the recipe!!

How about a big round of applause for JC & Esther for putting together one of the most thought out, stunning and "so them" weddings of the year! I hope you guys have had as much this week as we have!!

So much love,

Sat. Oct 31, 2009 by Mary    Weddings

Saltwater Farm Vineyard Wedding: JC & Esther (Part IV)

We pick up in Part IV just after the cocktail hour. Because JC & Esther are the most awesome clients ever, they not only did a first look with us...they also let us head back out with them during golden hour for some more super fun portraits of the two of them. See? Look how much fun they're having!!

LOVE this one!!

And this one! This one reminds of a Ralph Lauren perfume ad for some reason!

Va va VOOM!

Yea, I know!! We may as well have gone ahead and hired some models for the day! Gorgeous!

The vineyards at Salt Water Farm are so incredible!

First dance!

I am in LOVE with the picture J grabbed on the right! He's pretty talented that husband of mine!

So the Best Man gave his speech, and to say that he didn't take it easy on JC would be the understatement of the CENTURY! I love Esther's reactions!!

Power Posse Productions rocked the house! And near the end they blasted this confetti through the air. It was awesome!!

JC's got skillz! Get down now, go head go head get down!

Salt Water Farm has quickly climbed the charts as one of our favorite places to shoot EVER, so if you're looking to have your wedding there definitely give us a call!

And what better way to end than this night shot J grabbed of Salt Water. If you look close enough, you'll see where he left his signature!

Stay tuned for Part V and all those KILLER details!!

Fri. Oct 30, 2009 by Mary    Stuff we Love

Stuff we Love: Halloween & Top Secret Projects

So those of you following along on Twitter know that today we went on an EPIC shopping trip for our Halloween costumes this year. Halloween is kind of a big deal in Marantz world, so we wanted to be sure to represent. And we've been thinking about this year's top secret costume for a while now! Tune it tomorrow when we reveal what we came up with! And just to give you an idea of how serious this all is, here's a lil glimpse into Halloweens past.

Last year we were Michael Scott, Dwight and Three Hole Punch Mary from The Office. :)

And two years ago we were an iPod and the headphones!!

Pretty good, right?! :) So just WAIT til you see this years! And speaking of Top Secret projects, we have managed to squeeze in a lot of work on our PartnerCon talk amid all this Halloween excitement. Here's a little video that should give you a hint of the awesomeness that's in store there!!

Justin & Mary Preparing for Partnercon!! from Justin Marantz on Vimeo.

And yes, I did say a Snuggie!! See you in N'awlins!!

Thu. Oct 29, 2009 by Justin    Weddings

CT Vineyard Wedding: JC & Esther (Part III)

Here's some more from JC & Esther's amazing wedding at Saltwater Farm Vineyard in Stonington, CT! They held their gorgeous ceremony out in the vineyard on one of the best days of the year!

Esther and her father

It was definitely one of the most emotional ceremonies we've ever seen!

Just married!

Coming up next: JC & Esther's beautiful reception & killer details!

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