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Sat. Nov 29, 2008 by Mary    Justin & Mary Brides

It was love at first sight...

No, I'm not talking about the way that they first met....that's a different story entirely. One that's epic and romantic....a journey of nothing less than cinematic proportions that we will be honored to document in the coming months. But no, dear blog world, make no mistake. When I say love at first sight I'm not talking about *their* first meeting...but rather *our* first time meeting them. Suzanne & Justin booked us over the phone all the way back in August and last weekend was the first time we finally got the chance to meet them in person. They drove all the way up from the city to have wine & mashed potato pizza with us at Bar, and after meeting them I can safely say, the only words fit to describe it are....

love at first sight.

They are just the kind of people who shine from the inside out. Their kindness fills the room. And their love is the kind of fire that warms everyone who surrounds them. To see them see the way they take care of one another... is to catch a glimpse of what real love is. And standing in the presence of something like that, you just can't help but smile.

I guess love just has a way of doing that to a person.

Tue. Nov 25, 2008 by Mary    Life with J&M


Guess who just got back from the groomers...!!!

Mon. Nov 24, 2008 by Mary    Engagements

Meet: Sarah & John

Meet: Sarah & John

We recently got together with Sarah & John to hang out in Waveny Park for the first set of their engagement shoot. These guys are fellow Office fans (our kind of clients!!), so we had a blast shooting around and throwing out some random Dwight K. Schrute quotes in between. They are such a beautiful couple and really knew how to work the camera. So yea, it's pretty safe to say that they made it a little too easy on us. :) Check out some of our faves:

Sat. Nov 22, 2008 by Mary    Life with J&M

The Game

On any given Saturday throughout the fall, you can expect to find me proudly wearing the colors I've had pumping through my veins since birth: the big blue & gold. Seriously. You don't mess around with this stuff. It's college football season, and it is VERY serious business. But for just one day out of the year, one day alone, I also pay honor to my OTHER alma mater when they take on the dirty Crimson to the north in "The Game," the most famous college rivalry game in history.

But just know matter what I might be on the outside, blue & gold is always closest to my heart!!

Both of my teams are playing today right now as we speak (WVU is taking on the dirty Louisville Cardinals to the South) and it's like the perfect storm of college football goodness. Well, y' long as they both win! It's pretty safe to say that football mania is taking over in the Marantz household as Justin has already called the first penalty of the day:

"Flag on the play. Illegal block downfield by the salad . Obstructing #1 the beer. 5 yard penalty. Repeat first down." :)

So just for fun, here's a lil' shot that we took back in 2005 when Yale hosted Harvard down here in New Haven. We sat in the Saybrook College section and let's just say that they have a little end of the third quarter ritual that we knew NOTHING about....

Sat. Nov 22, 2008 by Mary    Portraits

Meet Deanna & Eric: Part Two

For the second half of our shoot with Deanna & Eric, we headed over to the Watch Hill Lighthouse in Rhode Island. The wind really started picking up then but these guys just went with it, frozen ears and all. I think it was worth it!!

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