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Fri. Nov 30, 2012 by Mary    Life with J&M

Random, Random

Some random, random musings from the mind of Mary:

*I have now worn holes in not one, but TWO pairs of Uggs. It's right where the big toe is and always on the left foot. Which has led me to the following observations: 1) I guess I wear Uggs WAY too often, 2) I must have some sort of freak, mutant bionic left toe that no steel wall or sheep fur shoe could ever stand up to, 3) hold up, Is my left foot bigger than my right one?? and is this a sign of some serious medical condition? and 4) Wearing Uggs kind of makes me feel like a Ewok, and I like it.

* I'm pretty sure peppermint tea with honey is the elixir of the elves. It would go right along with their four major food groups: candy, candy canes, candy CORN.....and syrup.

* Speaking of which, we took my wv logger dad for his first trip ever into New York City to see the Empire State Building. When we got on the elevator, I really wanted to push all the buttons and shout "Ooooh a Christmas Tree!!" But then I realized that probably wouldn't go over very well with homeland security. And the pat down they gave me was already enough.

* When we were in NYC, we went for dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co right in Times Square. While we were walking there, some guy saw my dad's WVU sweatshirt and shouted "Hey Morgantown." I guess it really is a small word after all....even in the biggest of cities.

* They are coming out with a new spin off of Boy Meets World called "Girl Meets World" where, get this, Corey & Topanga are the parents. Hold up. That should read....THE PARENTS!!!?!?! I mean, what the what?? What's next? Saved By the Bell: The Retirement Home years. I feel old.

* For the What's Next Tour, we are looking into renting a bus to be able to drive over night. This makes me want to learn how to play the guitar and find a tattooed roadie named Rowdy. Yea, Rowdy the roadie, that seems about right.

*We have a wedding tomorrow after a couple weeks off and I'm nervous. I don't think that feeling ever goes away.

* I'm not sure who is need of grooming more: me or Cooper. Right now it's looking like a tie. Although he definitely pulls off the permed look better than me or Debbie Gibson ever could!

Yea that's about it.

Happy (Random, Random) Friday y'all!

***Also, don't forget that today at midnight is the LAST chance to get your entries in (video or written) to be in our in studio audience for Showit LIVE!! Email your submissions to & we'll be announcing the winners next week!

Thu. Nov 29, 2012 by Mary    Life with J&M

This or That: Holiday Shopping

Every year, Justin & I always have...good intentions.

We intend on doing our holiday shopping early, we intend on wrapping our presents well in advance, we INTEND on existing purely on twenty four hour marathons of holiday movies, hot cocoa, fuzzy blankets, and blissful rest the entire week leading up to Christmas.

And yet every year, we find ourselves doing the last minute shopper walk of shame through our local Pottery Barn or Target. You know the one. Bleary eyed and zombie-like, we desperately try to convince each other of things like, "No, no really.....your dad would LOVE these lavender scented bath salts. He needs to relax more!" or "How do you think your mom is doing on power tools? I bet she could really use a nail gun this festive holiday season."

It ain't pretty.

So this year, we have sworn that it's going to be different. That WE'RE going to be different. This year, we are getting all of our shopping done early, and what's more, I plan to do as much of it as I can online. No parking lot holiday road rage for this girl! And THEN when we're all done.....I totally plan on going to go to our local Pottery Barn and walking extra slow in front of all the last minute shoppers.

Nah....not really! That would be mean.

Plus, I'm pretty sure I'll be too busy watching Elf for the 456th time that week.

So tell me, when it comes to holiday shopping are you a weeks in advance or last minute shopper? And do you prefer to shop online or see it in person in the store? Leave us a comment with your answer below & we're going to pick one extra special lucky winner to win a seat to the What's Next Tour stop of their choice! And....GO!!

PS: Here's proof already that things are going to be different for us this year: we already got all our outside holiday decorations up!! Now to tackle the tree!

Wed. Nov 28, 2012 by Mary    The Latest

Join us on Showit LIVE!!

Good morning & Happy Wednesday!

I seriously can't believe we're down to the last few days of November. I mean how does that happen? Is it just me or are the years going by faster and faster?

I feel like I just got through putting my Princess Peach costume together and now it's time to start Christmas shopping. And before we know it, 2012 will be completely gone.

Now is the time of year, amidst all the chaos of wrapping up our weddings in a nice pretty bow and getting everything out for the holidays, that Justin & I like to try to find a few spare minutes to look back on the year that just happened and ask ourselves: What Worked, What Didn't & What's Next.

In the past we've posted these as written posts here on the blog, but THIS year we're doing things a little differently! :)

As a preview to our What's Next Tour kicking off in January, we are going to be broadcasting LIVE from our living room with Showit Live for a three-day event we're calling "The Big Next." During that time, we're going to be looking at our own What Worked, What Didn't & What's Next as we prepare to help you with yours out on the tour. Note that this is NOT going to be the same material that we cover on the tour (so if you signed up for What's Next already, still be sure to tune in!), but it's just going to be laying the groundwork as well as giving you a preview of what's to come. And we'll also be covering some other material that will just be exclusive for the LIVE event!

The Big Next will take place on December 17-19th, and it will just be a great chance for us all to force ourselves to slow down in this busy season, pause, and take a look at how this year went. So that come January, we can help you hit the ground running with everything we talk about at What's Next.

With HUGE thanks to the amazing Jeremy Mitchell of Jeremy Mitchell cinema, we put together this video to explain a little more about the heart behind both The Big Next LIVE event and the What's Next Tour.

The Big Next from jeremy mitchell on Vimeo.

But that's not all! :)

One of the other things that we're so excited about that we're going to be doing during the Showit Live event, is that we are going to have an in studio audience to be here to represent you guys and ask questions as we go through the material (but we'll also be taking your questions live as well). And for those people, we are also going to be doing LIVE mentoring sessions with each of them one on one, on the air, as we take a look at where their business is and where it's going.

So here's the deal:

If you would like to be one of the members of our live in studio audience, put together either a video or a written post on WHY you want to come and what you hope your Big Next is and email it to And we are going to be picking 5 of you to join us for those three days. For the winners, the seat will be totally'll just need to cover your own travel & accommodations. The DEADLINE to submit is midnight this Friday, November 30th & we are going to be announcing the winners next week! We can't wait to see what you have to say!

AND if you haven't grabbed your seat to the What's Next Tour. yet, be sure to do it soon! For a limited time only, we're running our early bird prices so make sure you don't miss those! If you want to grab your seat, just enter the coupon code:

"earlybirdM" will get you my class for $119 (normally $150)

"earlybirdJ" will get you Justin's class for $89 (normally $100)

But if you use "earlybirdJM" that will get you BOTH classes for $198 (normally $250) - that's our best deal! And...GO!!

Tue. Nov 27, 2012 by Mary    "Get to Know You" Shoots

Meet: Kayla & Brendon

They met at orientation.

Well, to be more precise, her orientation. You see, Brendon was already a Freshman at UMASS at this point. So he did what any seasoned, upstanding upperclassmen would do....he went to lend a hand & to see if the next year's class held any promise for pretty girls. :) But as it turned out, that very first day he would meet an extra pretty girl who held the promise of, well, everything. Without even knowing it, when he took her hand he was meeting his future wife. The same girl that he would take back to that same spot on campus several years later to ask for the rest of forever.

Because for these two, forever began on day one.

Recently, we met up with Kayla & Brendon to walk all around their new neighborhood in Brooklyn and spend time in some of their favorite spots. And we did it all accompanied by their favorite bundle of fur, the very appropriately named little Amherst after the town that started it all. We spent time wandering the side streets. gazing up at the Brooklyn Bridge, nearly getting run over in the bike lane, and drinking some of the richest hot chocolate I've ever tried (seriously, it was like a chocolate bar melted in a cup....and YES, it was as amazing as it sounds!!). These two are getting married next year at the Wadsworth Mansion in what I am sure is going to be an incredible, smile-filled, love-filled day. I wouldn't expect anything less from these two. We can't wait to share their big day, but for now allow me to introduce you to one of our sweetest couples ever as you....

Meet: Kayla & Brendon (& Amherst!)

Mon. Nov 26, 2012 by Mary    Life with J&M


I woke up at 4am on Thanksgiving morning and expected to hear the sound of her footsteps down the hall.

I could almost swear I could smell the turkey baking. And waves of country stuffing almost certainly filled the air.

There was an instinct inside of me to turn on Nick at Nite. To find some old I Love Lucy reruns. Or maybe the Mary Tyler Moore show. I fought the urge to grab two golden delicious apples and a paring knife, and watch her peel them into long curlie cues while we talked for hours. Because it was the early hours of Thanksgiving morning, and this is what we always did.

But it was somewhere in the darkness, somewhere in that threshold where wake eclipses sleep..that I realized that she wasn't there. That her footsteps weren't coming any closer. And my heart ached out her absence just a little bit more.

There are days that I miss my Grandma Goldie so much that it hurts. And then there are times that I'll go days without realizing that she's gone. Days when I reach for the phone to give her a call before I catch myself . What they don't tell you about loss is that it hits you in waves. Over and over again. Because it is on those days when you almost forget, when the pain seems like it has finally started to fade, that it comes rushing back down on you and hits like the first time. Thanksgiving, the day that was always our always one of those days.

I fell back into a fitful sleep, and when I woke the next morning I made Justin promise me that he'd hug his own Grammie extra tight this year. That he'd listen to as many stories as she would tell, and that he'd burn her smile into his memory. He promised to do me one better, and he packed the camera in the car alongside my Grandma Goldie's famous stuffing.

These are just a few of our favorites of what he got of Miss Grammy and her cat, Nicholas. I post these because she's adorable and we love her (even if her cat does look like he's plotting to take over the world! :) But I also post these because I also want to encourage each and everyone of you out know all those people in your life that you've been meaning to take pictures of? That you've been promising yourself you would schedule a quick photo shoot with? Do it. The holidays are coming up, you're probably going to see them. Make a plan for it now, and pack the camera along with the presents.

Because I have a feeling, those picture will become the most important gift of all.


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