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Mon. Dec 29, 2008 by Mary    Life with J&M

Goodbye #5

We're still out on vacation, but just had to hop on real quick to give a HUGE shout out to Pat White and the WVU Mountaineers!! They whooped up on North Carolina this past Saturday to win the 2008 Meineke Car Care Bowl and finish out White's last collegiate game with a "W". In his four AMAZING years with WVU, Pat set a ton of University, Big East and NCAA records, and on Sunday he added one more to the list by being the only starting quarterback in college football history to lead his team to four consecutive bowl game victories. Needless to say, the game was bittersweet for WVU fans everywhere and ended for us with both tears of joy and of sadness. #5 is going to be so missed. But like Pat said, "Once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer." Go 'EERS!!!!

Wed. Dec 24, 2008 by Mary    Life with J&M

Happy Christmas Eve!!

So we still haven't quite made it home yet! First we stopped over in Maryland to see my mom and spent the night with her and then LAST night we were hauling on down through Virginia when this massive ice storm set in just an hour or so ahead of us and caused a NINETY car pile up! Yikes! My uncle was stuck on the other side of it and ended up having to sleep in a gas station parking lot all night! So needless to say, my dad called us and told us to get off the roads immediately. It's looking a lot better today and we only have about 3 more hours til we're home in West Virginia. Here's hoping they go smoothly!

And for your viewing pleasure...Introducing our new 2008 ornament!! It's in honor of the tree lighting post we did earlier. Pretty cool, eh?

I hope you are all having a warm, happy & blessed holiday (free from ice storms!!) Eat an extra Christmas cookie for me!!

Tue. Dec 23, 2008 by Justin    Engagements

Sneak Peek: Abby & Ryan

Mon. Dec 22, 2008 by Mary    Engagements

Meet: Tina & Kartik

Meet: Tina & Kartik

We got together with these guys up in Boston to hang out at "Sonsie" where they had their first date, and then we headed on over to Fenway Park because these two actually met watching the Red Sox play for the 2004 Championship! How cool is that?! Tina & Kartik were both such naturals (as you will soon see!) in front of the camera that I think they could EASILY take up modeling as a second job. Y'know...if that whole neuroscience thing doesn't work out! We can't WAIT to hang out with them again when we shoot their two-day wedding next year at the Intercontinental Hotel in Bah-ston!!!

****Also, with this post we are OFFICIALLY closed for the Holidays!!! We're heading down to WV to spend Christmas with my family, and will not be back in the office and returning emails/voicemails until January 2nd. HECK YEA!!! Don't worry though, we did cook up some yummy blog posts for you that will be posting while we're gone. And when we get back, stay tuned for some big announcements for the upcoming Spread the Love Tour and our Cans for Comments video!


We OUT!!

Sun. Dec 21, 2008 by Mary    Life with J&M

It was like "House Hunters" meets "Storm Chasers"...

On Friday, Justin & I met up with his dad Dan (who is also our real estate agent extraordinaire!!) to officially begin the house hunt!! We're both so super excited and want this so bad that we can TASTE it! And let me tell you, vinyl siding tastes GOOOOOD!!!

We'll definitely be talking more about this in the New Year, so just prepare yourself for own little mini-version of House Hunters...BUT I just wanted to give you guys a little glimpse into our first time out. We ended up visiting about 8 houses and we liked #2 so much that we went back for a second look. And as if right on cue, as soon as we pulled up into the driveway the fluffiest lil' cotton balls of snow EVER began to fall and blanket the ground around us, creating this perfect Christmas-y scene. It was SO perfect in fact that we jokingly started to look around for the snow machine that the realtor must've set up for us. It reminded me a lot of that scene in "Funny Farm" with Chevy Chase where they "cue the deer" and release the baby fawn just in time to run by when the buyer pulls up! C'mon! Has anybody else SEEN that movie?! Give me a holler in the comments if you have!

So, it went from nothing on the ground at all to THIS in the space of about twenty minutes. And I gotta be honest, I've never wanted to be all warm & cozy in a house of our very own so much in my WHOLE life. Stay tuned for next time!!

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