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Mon. Apr 30, 2012 by Justin    Weddings

Webb Barn Wedding: Hillary & Chris

The beginning of the week forecast predicted rain. Hillary sent me an email to hope for good weather, and together we decided to keep all of our crossables crossed. Fingers, toes....whatever it took. Together we hoped for the best. And wished for the perfect day.

The morning of the wedding, Hillary sat in a room full of family & friends and tried to take deep breaths through a stuffy nose. She confided that she'd been coming down with a cold and that she was afraid she wasn't going to feel very well all day. So silently, I decided to keep all of my crossables crossed. Finger, toes....arms if I had to. I hoped for the best for a couple who deserves nothing less. And quietly wished for them the perfect day.

Two hours before the ceremony, Hillary stood in the bridal room as her mom helped her zip up her dress. Hillary fought back happy tears, as the sash was pinned into place. All the crossables finally perfectly crossed. And as she made her way through the barn to see Chris, golden light flooded through the windows. And together they breathed deeply. Soaking in every second surrounding them as they got ready to promise forever. Together they had hoped for the best. And waited to see what would happen. But as soon as she saw him she knew. There were no more doubts.

This was going to be the most perfect day.

Married: Hillary & Chris

Hillary & Chris were married at the Webb Barn last weekend, surrounded by a close group of family & friends and the most perfect, beautiful light. They laughed and toasted and danced the night away. Their day was made even more perfect by the incredible team of Natalie & Moira at Whim Events. Under their supervision, no detail was overlooked. And the whole day flowed flawlessly. I cannot tell you how much we LOVED working with them. H&C, it was our honor to be there with you. Our privilege. And we cannot thank you enough for the love & trust you placed in us. We are so, so lucky to now call you friends. I hope you are living it up in Thailand! Order some pad thai for me. :)

So much love,

Venue: The Webb Barn
Stylist & Coordinator: Natalie of Whim Events
Blooms: Moira of Whim Events
Catering: Catering by Christine
Dress: J. Crew
Makeup: Andrea DiLieto
Photography: Justin & Mary

Fri. Apr 27, 2012 by Mary    Engagements

Meet: Megan & Nicholas

Happy Friday!

Justin & I have spent most of the day recovering from the, let's just say it, epicness of the past two days. Right about now I feel like I just ran a marathon into a decathalon into the Tour de France. And then went on an episode of Jeopardy. To say that we're tired would be on the same level of understatement as saying Kate Middleton has some ok clothes.

We're exhausted.

But in the best absolute way possible.

More on that to come! But for now I wanted to go ahead and post up out latest engagement shoot, just under the wire, to send you off into your weekend right!

Meet: Megan & Nicholas

We met up with these guys on a cold, blustery day in New England earlier this week to shoot their "camping on the beach" vibe engagement shoot. What was supposed to be a warm sunny day with golden light quickly turned into a cement mixer sky with icy gusts of wind whipping in on off the water. And looking at them now, it is the best possible thing that could have happened. Because that gray sky made for an incredible backdrop, and that wind just gave Megan & Nick every excuse in the world to cuddle (not that they needed one!). Mix in an amazing couple that we adore and that great silver light that only a blustery New England day can provide, and you have the formula for what has quickly become one of our absolute favorite engagement session. Ever.

Plus we got to hang out with Megan & Nick afterwards to hit up some chicken and mashed potato pizza. Yep, that's pretty much my perfect day.

Enjoy! And happy Friday y'all!

Thu. Apr 26, 2012 by Mary    Spread the Love

Introducing Walk Through Sydney: True Blue & Tweed

Good morning & Happy Thursday!!

Today, as we're about to start the second day of our Thirst Relief Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M Workshop, we are so SO excited to get to start unveiling to you some of the killer details we have in the works for our Sydney Walk Through!! I seriously can't believe that in just two weeks, Justin & I will be standing on Australian soil. Honestly, the whole thing just doesn't seem real to me. Growing up, I was the kid where it was a really big deal for our family if we got in the car and actually drove to a state that didn't touch ours for vacation. And that time we made it all the way to Alabama to visit space camp, we thought we had pretty much seen the world.

And now, Justin & I are building this crazy life together where we actually get to. See the world, that is.

So right about now, I'm pretty much feeling like I'm the luckiest girl on the planet. And I've got the space camp badges to prove it. :)

First things first, I'm ready to unveil our theme and the absolutely gorgeous board Julia put together for us.....drumroll please!!!

Introducing: True Blue & Tweed

{ Photo Credits: Row 1 (flowers by saipua),,, (, Row 2,,,, www.marthastewartweddings.comRow 3, (,,,}

Julia is already in the works creating all of our killer details based off of this board, which we're not quite ready to unveil yet. But I can tell you this, we're picturing all things soft & pretty for a sophisticated waterfront soiree meets a casual walk about town on a lazy Sunday afternoon. And swizzle sticks. Oh yes, there WILL be swizzle sticks.:)

The next thing is, we had originally started looking out of the city for our venue. But as soon as we had our theme locked down, we knew there could be no better fit than the absolutely gorgeous Ripples in Chowder Bay. Just check out that view!

All the getting ready portion of the first day and all of the second day is going to be taking place at the super swanky Vibe Hotel in North Sydney just minutes away from Chowder Bay, and we are working on securing a group rate for anyone who wants to stay there as well.

And the final piece of super exciting news we're so thrilled to announce, is that Walk Through will now be officially AIPP accredited so for all of you AIPP members, this will count toward your annual membership requirements as well!!

Whew! Crazy, crazy stuff! But we could not be more excited about all that's in store! If you haven't signed up yet, we would LOVE to see you there! And you can grab your seat by clicking on the cart below!

Wed. Apr 25, 2012 by Mary    Life with J&M

A Little Blurry

It's early morning and the house is quiet and still.

The smell of lavender is wafting through the air and the light is just starting to dance on the water.

It's a good day.

It's the first day of our newest Walk Through, and I always like to get up early on these days so I can sit and, as Julia says, get Zen. These next two days will be very intense for all of us, and I just like to make sure that I have my head in the game,

Life is gearing up to get pretty busy these next few weeks. To get a little blurry.

And I just like to make sure I slow down and try to soak it all in.

So in the interest of documenting life just like it feels right now, here are a few peeks into our blurry life.

When I did the video blog, we had a lot of people ask us to elaborate on dressing for your brand and what, exactly, we wear to weddings. So at our wedding this past weekend, when we had some down time waiting for our couple to finish dinner before we did a few more shots of them, we took five minutes and did a little photo shoot of us. In action.

This was the set up for the engagement shoot we did on Monday. And then I died.

We spent yesterday setting up for our Walk Through, and if I spend every day for the rest of my life with just a little bit of lavender in it....I'd be just fine with that.

Photobooth+3D glasses= endless amounts of fun.

Happy Wednesday y'all!

Tue. Apr 24, 2012 by Mary    Pancake Sessions

Pancake Session: Sarah Petty & Erin Verbeck on Marketing

This past February at WPPI, Justin & I got to sit down with the incredible Sarah Petty & Erin Verbeck, the co-founders of the Joy of Marketing. And I'm not gonna lie. In just the space of that hour or so, I pretty much determined that we were destined to be friends for life. :) I like to imagine that if the three of us had met each other when we were about thirteen or so...we would've been invited to each other's slumber parties. We would have watched scary movies and eaten raw cookie dough....and y'know, swapped notes on our favorite business books. :)

Sarah & Erin are just people who GET. THINGS. DONE. They are "doers" in the truest sense of the word. And it's inspiring to be around. As you sit there listening to them, soaking in every piece of wisdom from them that you possibly can, you just feel this fire get lit underneath you. To go out and make your own dreams happen. To DO something about it. They are two of the smartest business people I've ever had the privilege of meeting. And I can't tell you how lucky I feel to now call them friends.

We've been getting the question more and more of "how to market yourself when you're just getting started," and as soon as we decided to do a Pancake Session about it....I knew exactly who I wanted to write it. Sarah & Erin are a wealth of knowledge on all things marketing. In fact, besides their company, The Joy of Marketing, they have also just co-written a book all about the the subject called Worth Every Penny. These guys sent us an advance copy, and I have to tell you I am loving it so far! LOVING it! We asked them to send us their top 3 rules for marketing yourself when you're brand new & just getting started, and what mistakes to avoid. And once again, they blew us away.

Read on to see what they had to say!

The Top 3 Rules of Marketing for Photographers Just Getting Started
By: Sarah Petty

Rule #1- You canít build a strong brand on a weak identity.

One thing I learned early in my career as a marketer both at Coca-Cola Enterprises and at an uber creative advertising agency is that you canít build a strong brand on a weak identity. I see so many photographers skimp with their identity, haphazardly designing their own logo, using multiple logos depending on their mood, incorporating trendy fonts that arenít consistent with their style of photography, even copying a logo of another photographer in another city that they really like.

Your logo sets the tone for your professionalism, your style, and what people are going to get when they work with you. If you decide your logo isnít important, youíre signaling to potential clients that you didnít invest in your own identity so why should they invest with you.

Rule #2 - Cheap marketing attracts cheap clients.

When you blast out to all your Facebook fans that they can get 50% off a session booked today or litter your target marketís mailboxes with cheap postcards, you shouldnít be surprised when all they are interested in is how much you charge for your photography. Cheap marketing attracts cheap clients. Instead of trying to reach more people with a low impact, low cost promotional piece that will go straight into the recycling bin, instead take your same budget and spend it reaching fewer people with a higher impact piece that you can use multiple places for the course of a few years. I built my photography studio into one of the most profitable studios in the country after just 5 years in business using this strategy. It works!

Rule #3 - Just because your competitor is doing it doesnít mean you should, too.
Itís tempting Ė your competitor is selling albums at half your prices or maybe they are running advertisements with the local lifestyle magazine. Yet just because they are doing something, doesnít mean thatís right for you and your brand. When you donít know whatís going on behind the scenes of a competitor, (maybe they donít need to make money in their business or their cousin is the advertising rep at the magazine so they get free ads) you can do your business a lot of harm by simply copying your competition. To avoid the urge, hire an accountant for a few hours and pick their brain to get clear on understanding your costs (yes, your time has a cost associated with it) so that you can price effectively for profit.

**To learn more rules to help you charge what youíre worth and still thrill your clients, check out Sarah Pettyís new book: Worth Every Penny, available now at Barnes & Noble and You can even download a free chapter at

***We are SO excited to announce that Sarah & Erin went above & beyond generous, and they have given us FIVE copies of Worth Every Penny to give away to our readers!! Just leave a comment in the box below and that will get you entered. We'll be announcing all the winners later this week!

And a HUGE congrats goes out to the winner of our $50 Starbucks card....the absolutely adorable Miss Faith Teasley!!!

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