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Tue. Jun 30, 2009 by Mary    Justin & Mary Brides

Killer Details: Just Get to Me

Well an airplane's faster than a Cadillac,
And a whole lot smoother than a camel's back
But I don't care how you get to me, Just get to me
Parasail or first class mail, Get on the back of a Nightingale
Just get to me I don't care just get to me

Prokeds, mopeds take a limousine instead
They ain't cheap but they're easy to find
Get on the highway point yourself my way
Take a roller coaster that comes in sideways
Just get to me - yeah

Go on hitch a ride on the back of a butterfly
There's no better way to fly
To get to me
I look around at what I got
And without you, it ain't a lot
But I got every, with you, everything

And now, the much anticipated details of Suzanne & Justin!!! :) Because these two LOVE to travel (I mean Suzanne is in SLOVENIA right now, for goodness sake!), their theme just had to be centered around that! So they incorporated all these different ways to travel and it reminded me VERY much of the awesome Train song, "Just Get to Me."

***We're also SUPER excited that Suzanne & Justin are being featured on Style Me Pretty's Little Black Book Blog today!! (Try saying that three times fast!!)

Their table settings were GORGEOUS! I LOVE the linens! And look how cool the little flower tied to the vase is. Super huge shout out to Mary Voigt of A Floral Affair for totally rockin out all the flowers!! Look how pretty!

The caterers, Sodexo, did an INCREDIBLE job. We just can't recommend them highly enough. The tables were stunning, the food was incredible, and they were looking out for us and making sure we were fed all night long. The only thing is that these guys actually specialize in corporate events, and don't really usually do weddings. But maybe if you call and ask really, really nicely they might change their minds!! :)

And then, did I mention there were cupcakes? Like a LOT of them? And that they were PHENOMENAL? Suzanne, Justin, and each of their mom's all got to pick their favorite flavor, and then they had one that was named the "compromise". LOL! Special thanks to Felicia's Sweetface Pastry Shoppe for giving me something to dream about for the next few months!!


Yum. Yum. and YUM.

Did I mention there was an ice cream station? No? Well, there WAS!!!

Check out the super cute place cards with all the drawings on them!!

Can't go wrong with a mini-cheeseburger!

A Floral Affair did a beautiful job on Suzanne's bouquet and all the centerpieces! Love those delicate little purple flowers!

Blue hydrangea are the greatest things ever created. The end.

Love all the little fireplaces in The Branford House!

And the ginormous one too!!

This was cuteness to the nth degree. Because there were a lot of kids at the wedding, Suzanne & Justin had these little lawn games for them to play with. How cute are these two?!

Mon. Jun 29, 2009 by Mary    Weddings

Married: Suzanne & Justin

She rounded the corner and the room somehow got even brighter. Lighter. More full of love. Her curls danced pretty pirouettes down the middle of her back, as she hugged her dress close to her. Her eyes filled with tears, and in that moment she was all that's light and everything that's beautiful. She looked around the room and couldn't believe what she was seeing. Everything was as she'd pictured it. Everything she'd hoped for was there. And if there was ever a doubt that there's such a thing as perfection...

She had the proof right there.

She rounded the corner and the mood somehow got even brighter. Lighter. More full of love. Her veil danced pretty priouettes down the middle of her back, as she hugged him close to her. He looked at her and his eyes filled with tears. Because in that moment she was all that's light and everything that's beautiful. He looked across the lawn and couldn't believe what he was seeing. Everything was as he'd pictured it. Everyone he'd hoped for was there. He squeezed her hand a little tighter, and if there was ever a doubt in his mind that there's such a thing as perfection....

He had the proof right there.

Married: Suzanne & Justin

These two were married at The Branford House on a day filled with golden light. The sun had some small part to play in that, but anyone who was there could tell you that the real light was coming from Suzanne & Justin. Because they are just those kind of people. The kind of people who shine from the inside out, and you could just swear that you actually feel the warmth on your face just standing in their presence.

Suzanne & Justin, it was an honor and a privilege to be there with you on your day. You are the kind of people Justin & I can only hope to be like one day. And I hope you know the change that you've had on our life just by us being able to call you our friends. We can't wait to see you again next month for your "day after" session!! And I'm absolutely certain that mashed potato pizza must be involved!

Alright, on with the show!! Justin was with Justin (trippy!) while Julia & I were with Suzanne.

This tie is a most important tie. Because it was the very first thing that Suzanne & Justin decided on for their wedding and it became the central theme that everything else revolved around! It *IS* a pretty awesome tie!

Suzanne's stunning Nicole Miller gown. It was such a unique and beautiful dress and was absolutely perfect in every way.

Suzanne was super psyched to finally be able to put it on!

This necklace was also very important! It was a Ralph Lauren necklace that was her something borrowed (from a friend that works at RL)...

...and also her something blue! Gorgeous!

Uh, and speaking of GORGEOUS!!

And let's just go ahead and shift right into cuteness overload. Ready? GO!

Suzanne & her mom wait for the ceremony to start

The flower girl was waiting it out too.

Suzanne's mom walked her to the beginning of the aisle, where Justin was waiting on her.

Here we go!!

Suzanne & Justin had maybe one of the coolest ceremonies EVER, complete with a reading from Calvin & Hobbes. :) It was very emotional!!

As soon as the ceremony is over, we grab our couples and give them some time to just soak it all in, while we drop back and shoot with long lenses. That moment....that omigosh, we're MARRIED so amazing and not something you can ever get back. I just LOVE to watch that feeling sink in for them....and as you can see it's often super emotional for US and the couple! :)

The handsome fellas....

and the beautiful ladies!

Seriously, have you ever seen such a good looking bridal party?? I think not.

Justin & his brother being....what else....EPIC!! :)

Then we got some time with Suzanne & Justin all to ourselves! got pretty!!

supah-doopah pretty!

I absolutely loved her wrap...the color was amazing.

A little cha-cha...and merengue

Justin makes one good lookin' groom, right?! And how 'bout that tie??

Instead of a cake, they did different flavors of cupcakes (More on that to come!!)

And then it was time for the first dance. Suzanne's brother in law sang them a live version of "Question" by the Old 97's and he was AMAZING!! He is such a talented artist!!

Then Justin's brother rocked out an awesome toast. He looks so 1940s chic to me right here!

The Branford House is so gorgeous inside....LOVE this super huge fireplace.

And then THIS was the big surprise of the night! Justin shoots video for Dateline NBC and as a big surprise gift to Suzanne he put together this whole "news story" of their lives together and the upcoming wedding. He had the Dateline news anchors in on it, as well as a bunch of their friends & family for interviews.

It. Was. AMAZING. Incredible! Insane! I kept peeking out of the corner of my eye, but I totally had to keep shooting because the reactions were priceless. PRICELESS!!

LOVE these two!! (And I'm not talking about the pictures!)

And finally....the incredible Branford House at night. We're out for now, but stay tuned for all of the killer details coming soon!!!

Sun. Jun 28, 2009 by Justin    The Latest

The Latest

Life is moving fast!!! So here's a little roadmap of where we've been...and where we're going.

First up, here's a sneak peek (not peak) of the wedding Justin, Julia & I shot last night: Kim & Joel

And here's another sneak peek (still not peak) of our next wedding on deck to be blogged: Suzanne & Justin.

These two couples have one very important thing in common: their good, kind hearts. Each of them treated us more like guests at the wedding than like we were working. We really felt like we were at the weddings of friends. They had place cards and seats for us, and never stopped asking us if we'd had a chance to eat.

Yea, like we're gonna miss a chance to eat! :) Different flavored cupcakes...I'm all on it. But wait, I'm giving away too much! Just make sure you stay tuned!

Now we're off to shoot a full-day "Get to Know You Shoot" in Newport!! (Julia, we're going to need more Red Bull!! :)

Fri. Jun 26, 2009 by Mary    Engagements

Meet: Alison & Matt

And our NYC shooting extravaganza continues! We met up with Alison & Matt to walk around their neighborhood, drink the best fizzy grapefruit drink on the PLANET, and spend some time sitting on the stoop where they got engaged. The very same stoop that Alison's parents used to sit on when they had their first place in the City.

It was a gorgeous day in New York.

But I gotta be paled in comparison to the couple.

Love *IS* the answer!! That guy must be pretty smart! :)

How BEAUTIFUL are these two together?!

How awesome is this door number?!

So this was right NEXT to the famous brownstone stoop of a little show called Sex & The City. That one was all roped off, but still we felt very close to Miss Bradshaw.

Did I mention we stopped in the middle to fly to the lavender fields of France? Yea, that's just how we roll.

Super cute!!

Love how EPIC this one feels! Epic is my word of the century!!


What's that you say? Epic again? Why yes, I agree!

quiet moments

Alison & Matt, you guys are awesome! We had the best time walking around with you and slowing down long enough to breathe life in. Even if that meant breathing in a little pollen with it!! :) We can't wait to see you guys again in September!

Thu. Jun 25, 2009 by Mary    Weddings

Married: Erin & Brendon

Last month we got to go down to New Jersey (Joisey!) to shoot the wedding of two of our dearest friends in the whole world, Erin & Brendon. Justin & Erin actually went to high school together and have stayed great friends ever since. And as soon as Erin first introduced us to Brendon, there wasn't a doubt in our minds that one day soon we would be going to their wedding. And of course we were secretly hoping we'd get to shoot it too! So there you go, Erin & Brendon's big day was all about OUR dreams coming true!! :) :)

Erin & Brendon, you two are exquisite. To watch you together is to witness love in motion. You care for one another, challenge one another, and never stop bringing out the best in each other. You are the kind of friends that make our heads jealous of our hearts. Because our heads know they will never be that full!! :) :) We can't wait to see you guys again, so we can hug two of the most beautiful newlyweds we know. And if Philadelphia pizza is involved in that, then that'll be just fine with us. Just so you know!

Married: Erin & Brendon

I really like how we've been dividing this up lately with Justin going with the guys while I hang with the girls. It's really cool to see both sides of the story for the getting ready part.

Erin is a KNOCK OUT!!! Just beautiful!

And she had a dress to match!

Justin's friend Kristen (who was born on the same day as him!) was also in the wedding and I grabbed this cool silo of her putting on her dress. She's a dancer so she just OOZES grace!

Erin & Brendon opted for a first look which is the bomb dot com in our book because it means we get plenty of time to get pictures of just the two of them.

Then the bridal party met us there and we had some fun with the guys.....

and the girls! LOVE the flowers!

This shot is mine and I'm really psyched with how it turned out!

Weren't the girls dresses gorgeous?! They all had different styles, but the in the same color. Very cool!

The ceremony was super emotional. Had to wipe away a few of my own tears right abouuuuut......HERE:

I feel like they look like royalty in this shot.

Lovin that marble floor for the first dance

The dads gave a couple toasts to start the night. That shot on the left is Erin's dad making a list for Brendon of things he might need to know about Erin! LOL!

The cake cutting got a little messy!

And then it was time for dancing, and let me tell you....these guys could bust a MOVE!!! Check out Brendon and his groomsmen rockin the helicopter!! Please don't try this at has a difficulty level on par with the Pamchenko twist!!

Erin dancing with her grandpa was SUPER cute!! Love him!!

And what wedding post would be complete without some KILLER details?? Erin & Brendon are both scientists....she just graduated med school and he's doing a PhD in something so smart that I don't even know what it's called! So all of their details were themed around that! The tables were elements of the periodic table and the place cards were prescription pads with different notes on them. Like ours was "Potassium. Because you make our heart skip a beat." Ohhhh yea!!

And of course you gotta rock the test tubes, right??

And finally, the ice sculpture was in the shape of a big fire truck because Erin & Brendon originally met when they were standing outside because one of their buildings was on FIRE!! So you tell you think they've got chemistry or the heat. Either way, I'd say they're one HOT couple!!!

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