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Sat. Jul 31, 2010 by Mary    "Get to Know You" Shoots

Meet: Alicia & Stephen

Happy Saturday! I hope you are all out enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather....but if you happen to take a break to check out what's going on online, allow me be the first to introduce you to Alicia & Stephen! We got together with these guys in their hometown of Newtown, PA (where the movie Signs was filmed!) so they could show us all around where they fell in love. If you've been reading this blog for any length of time it is no secret how I feel about our couples. But Alicia & Stephen get even more brownie points with me because they had their first date where? Um that's a STARBUCKS!! So of course we had to start right there.

Meet: Alicia & Stephen

A first date in a Starbucks...I'd say that is bliss.

How cute are these two?!

Newtown has all sorts of old school alley ways to explore

And white washed buildings

Yea, these two know how to work it. Lemme work it.

We found this killer barn just as a crazy storm was blowing in. We stayed out there probably just a little too long considering there was lightening everywhere, but I think it was totally worth it!!

Alicia you are gorgeous!! Absolutely gorgeous!

And Stephen, you are pretty dashing yourself!


After we walked around Newtown for a while, we went back to grab A&S's dog Yoda. How awesome is that name?!

Then we hit the field. Now you know I have to really, really love this couple to do a Penn State themed shoot considering I'm a die hard WVU fan. Like REALLY love them! :)

Love it!

LOL! Yoda doing laps

A lil' keep away.

Alicia & Stephen we love you guys and can't WAIT to be there with you in October!
So much love

Fri. Jul 30, 2010 by Mary    Weddings

Chelsea Piers Wedding: Killer Details

And now for Part III, of Aimee & Seth's gorgeous Chelsea Piers Wedding! Get ready, because their details were stunning!!

Diana Gould did an Ah-mazing job!! LOVED all of the individual vases of flowers!

Just beautiful!

And the large vases of dogwood blossoms?!? Perfection!

Diana you are a genious! :)

Look at that view from Chelsea Piers!

More fabulous scene setters in The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers!

Signature drinks!

Gorgeous catering by Abigail Kirsch!

See what I mean?!? Cocktail hour looked as good as it tasted!

Loved the Presentation!

Every dish was served on a different tray.

Abigail Kirsch and her team totally rocked it out!

More amazing flowers by Diana Gould!!

And the final detail? Miniature cupcakes! LOVE!

If you're just checking in to Aimee & Seth's gorgeous Chelsea Piers Wedding, don't forget to check out Part I and Part II! They are chock full of emotion-filled wedding goodness! :)

Have a great weekend!

Fri. Jul 30, 2010 by Mary    "Get to Know You" Shoots

Meet: Caitlin & Maher

Good Morning blog world!! Allow me to kick off your Friday right with this hot-cha-cha "Get to Know You" shoot with did with Caitlin & Maher! These two are getting married next year, and we got together with them recently in New York so they could show us all around their favorite parts of the city. He's a doctor. She's a nurse. And together, they are writing you up a prescription for a FABULOUS weekend! :) (Yea, I know....I should never blog before I've made my Starbucks run. I get loopy! :) Enjoy!

Meet: Caitlin & Maher

LOVE this one!

Yea these two are beautiful on overload...just brace yourself for that.

Raaar. Caitlin, in addition to being my new BFF, you are sizzlin! :)

Maher has that stare DOWN!

So there was this fire truck. :) It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission, right??


Who knew knock off bags could make such a great back drop??

Caitlin & Maher LOVE of course we had to stop off for a few. :)

Then we hit the park. And we hit it hard.


Maybe my favorite set of the day.

Or is it this one?!

And finally we ended on their rooftop for a little night shot of the city.

Caitlin & Maher, we LOVE you guys!! We had the best time hanging out with you and can't wait to see you again. I'm pretty sure that has to happen a lot sooner than next June!

So much love,

Thu. Jul 29, 2010 by Mary    Weddings

Chelsea Piers NYC Wedding: Aimee & Seth (Part II)

And now for the evening crew, the rest of the story from Aimee & Seth's gorgeous Chelsea Piers wedding! :) Enjoy!!

We'll pick up with the ketubah signing, which turned out to be super emotional.

Love this one!

I adore this shot Justin grabbed after the bridal party had a quick rehearsal.

Here we go!

Check out this bangin shot Miss &J2 grabbed! Boo yah.

Justin rockin the flare

Mr & Mrs!!

After the ceremony we went outside for a little 10 minute rule and a golden sunset. Throw in a couple sail boats? Perfection.

Aimee you are so beautiful!

The reflection on Chelsea Piers

First Dance

LOVE that Seth sang to Aimee during their first dance

But Aimee & Seth's friend did the actual singing of the first dance and it was amazing!

My take on the dip....

....and Justin's



Aimee & Seth's wedding was full of beautiful toasts. And lots of laughter & tears. Just how I like it!


The littlest toaster of all. That sounds like a book.

Rachel doin her thang!!

As you can tell, she's pretty hilarious!


So the party ended, as any good party should really, in a circle singing We are the World. I mean really, is there any better way??

We are the CHILDREN!!

Congrats Aimee & Seth!!! And for the rest of you, stay tuned for some of those killer details coming at ya in Part III! In the meantime, check out all of the getting ready perfection in Part I!

Thu. Jul 29, 2010 by Mary    The Latest

Who Are... You?

I like to start my mornings off with a little reflection. Sometimes it can be something as small as the previous day. What worked about yesterday? What did I do right? What could have been better? What really, really needs to change? And of course, sometimes it's about bigger picture stuff too. Life. Business. Marriage. But either way big or small, the point is always to be grateful, to give thanks, to learn from mistakes and to move forward.

This morning I was reflecting about this blog. About what it is, what it's meant to us, and what I want it to be. About where we are and where we're going. This month we will hit our highest number of visits to this blog. Ever. By a huge leap. Before that... last month was our highest number of views ever. Again by a really big leap. So things are growing super fast around here, which is of course awesome. But it also made me want to get a better handle on things. Because it made me realize, I have no idea who YOU are.

And as I sat doing this reflection, I sipped gingerly on my caramel hot chocolate (yes, I'm the only person on the planet who craves caramel hot chocolate in the dead heat of summer!) and thought about some really good advice we got from our friend Abby: know your readers backwards and forwards. Who are they? What do they like? What brings them back every day? What makes them want to share their lives with you? And I realized, I don't really know the answers to those questions.

So tell me....who are YOU? Are you a photographer, a bride or someone else? What brought you to us in the first place and what brings you back? What kinds of things do you like? What are you looking for in a blog? What would you like to see more of.Tell us anything that can paint a clearer a picture of who YOU are (because let's face it, you probably already know way more than you could ever want about us!) and one of you will receive a little sumpin' sumpin' from us.

And whoever you are, just know that we are thankful for you. Seriously thankful. And we are SO glad you're here!

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