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Mon. Aug 31, 2009 by Mary    Weddings

Married: Miryha & Matt (Part I)

She's the kind of girl who's always known exactly what she wanted. From her fabulous shoes to her equally fabulous job, she's always known a good fit when she sees it. And she never needed anyone's help in getting to where she wanted to be. She's beauty meets brains, and a tough cookie all rolled into one. She's strong and sophisticated, and she can take care of herself.

So how could she have guessed that there would ever be someone out there who could take care of her better?

But see, he's also the kind of guy who's always known exactly what he wanted. A friend, lover and companion...he's always known a good fit when he sees it. It took traveling thousands of miles to find her. To stand exactly where he wanted to be. She's beauty meets brains, and a tough cookie all rolled into one. She's fun and fearless, and she can take care of herself.

And he doesn't doubt that for a minute. But he loves her for everything she is and everything that she could be.

And with a love like that, how could there be any doubt that he will be the one who can take care of her better?

Married: Miryha & Matt

Miryha & Matt were married last month at the Inn at Longshore on a bright & sunny day. Here is Part I of all the fabulousness!! First up, the lace from Miryha's custom made gown, and of course her super fierce Manolo Blahnik shoes. Miryha works as a lingerie designer, so the quality of the lace was really important to her. Look how stunning the pattern is!

These pieces were from a bottle of perfume that Miryha's grandma owned during the Depression, and passed down to her. How amazing is that?!

Miryha's hair piece and bag

While all the details were coming together, Justin went over to spend a little time with Matt.

This is Matt reading a note from Miryha and putting on the watch she gave him as a wedding present.

Meanwhile, it was finally time to get dressed!! LOVE the emotion on M's face as it all starts to sink in.


These guys opted to do a first look, so we headed down to meet up with Matt

Matt had a custom suit made for the wedding, so his initials were monogrammed onto the sleeve. Very cool!

The moment he's been waiting for...

LOVE love love the look on Matt's face in this one.

Alright, let's walk around and get some cool shots!! :)

This one makes my heart happy!!

Then it was time to head back in side for the Ketubah signing.

More to come!!! Just you wait and see!!

Mon. Aug 31, 2009 by Mary    Stuff we Love

Stuff We Love: Scary Movies

I looked at him seriously over the lid of my Honest Tea Lori's Lemon bottle, as I poked at my tofu curry lunch. And then I arched an eyebrow. He always knows I'm serious when I arch an eyebrow.

"You know...." I started, "last year's scary movie month was pretty weak."



He thoughtfully cut his turkey meatloaf with a plastic knife and fork from the Four Seasons market. "How so?"

"Well we only got through Halloween 1 &2, nevermind H2O and Resurrection. And we didn't even watch any of the Scream or Friday the 13th movies at all. I can barely even remember what Jason looks like."

He rolled his eyes at me and ate another skinny green bean. I continued.

"So I think it's only fair, and in the name of balance and all, that we should start scary movie month early this year. Come in strong, come out swinging....y'know, to counteract all the weakness."

"Uh early exactly?"

I put down my fork and smiled through chickpea teeth. "How does next Monday grab you??"

Every year for five years, October has been scary movie month in J&M world. And I'm just gonna go ahead and put it out there. Last year was WEAK. With a capital EAK. Like Jonah Hill trying to run track in Superbad, we came in sputtering and wheezing just short of the finish line. And this year we need to make up for it. So when I heard that the fourth and final installment of the Final Destination movies was coming 3D no less....I KNEW how we'd be kicking things off!!! Ohhhh yea!!!

Who's in??

Sat. Aug 29, 2009 by Mary    The Latest

Sneak Peek: Leslie & Brian

Here's a little sneak peek from all the fun yesterday! While I was hanging out with Leslie getting this shot......

Justin was chilling with Brian & the guys getting this one:

Fri. Aug 28, 2009 by Mary    The Latest

"Not only am I the President..."

Ok, it's official. We have just reached a whole new level of cool. Because we are now in fact....wait for it, wait...the Presidents of our own Fan Club. Yes, we are in fact that awesome! :)

And we're not going to stop there either. We're going to start signing autographs to ourselves too. And stalking ourselves. And getting restraining orders against our selves. It's all going to be so very E True Hollywood Story. THS for short. And then I'm pretty sure they're going to make a Lifetime movie about it. Melissa Gilbert is going to play me. And that guy who played Scott Peterson will play Justin. I'm just sayin...

So in light of the fact that we are feeling about 10 degrees north of lame with the whole hair club for men "Not only am I the President, I'm a member too" aspect of this whole thing, if any of you guys would like to come hang out with us on our fan page and keep us company we would really appreciate it. There will be stale donuts and cold coffee, and we can all sit around and talk about our feelings. It's going to be AWESOME!!! :) :)

You can sign up to drink the kool-aid HERE!! :) :)

Also, if we aren't BFF on facebook yet, you can find us HERE and HERE

And heck, while we're at it here's twitter too: Mary and Justin

Where a la Zack Morris and the Zack Attack, we can be Friends Forever. (Talkin bout friiiiiiiiends for-ev-er. Always will be there!!)

Thu. Aug 27, 2009 by Mary    The Latest

Speaking Our Own Language

Mary: "Be honest, does my hair look like a bouffant right now?"
Justin: "You mean, like Phoebe Bouffant?"
Mary: "Um, that's Phoebe Buffay (boo-fay)"
Justin: "Oh, see I always thought it was Buffet (buh-fet)"
Mary: "What, like Jimmy?"
Justin: "I was thinking Warren"
Mary: (long pause and blank stare) "Ok, well does my hair look alright?"

And thus, it begins again.

Yea, like most couples out there, Justin & I speak our own little language that only we know the translation to. And that secret language is coming in especially handy today as we pack to leave for our wedding up in Boston. "Hey J, could you get the thing with the thing, you know the one that's hanging next to that other thing in the closet. Yea, thanks." And somehow he knows exactly what I'm talking about. See it's not everyone who can figure out what I'm thinking. And not just anyone who would not only tolerate, but indulge...even obsession with witty banter. Banter so witty that you should really stretch first before engaging in it, lest you get side stitches from just how hilarious we really are. But see that's what makes us, us.

Well that and that he always loves me unconditionally... bouffant and all.

So we're off today for the wedding of Leslie & Brian up outside of Boston, but here's a sneak peak of who's on deck next for the blog: the absolutely stunning Miryha & Matt!!

***Also, we are super excited to announce the winner of our "Un-ordinary Life" contest, Miss Kricia Morris for her entry: my Soul-Satisfying life. "I love my {soul-satisfying} life. You know, the life that tells you that you're on the right path, that you're doing the right thing, and that despite the trials and tribulations along the way, it's a life that you can be proud of. Blessed from. Humbled by. That's my kind of life." That just made me feel warm & fuzzy inside. So she will receive a $50 gift card to Starbucks....which is guaranteed to make her feel all warm & fuzzy inside too!

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