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Fri. Aug 31, 2012 by Mary    Life with J&M

Life Gets Messy

Sometimes life gets messy.

The dishes pile up. The dark wood floors always seem to be dirty. You come home from a trip and find out that banana you left on the counter has now given you an overabundance of fruit fly house guests.

Who overstay their welcome, leave their dirty towels on the bathroom floor, and drink too much of your chardonnay.

Yesterday I instagrammed this picture and called it the sweetness of home. It's some white wine from a local vineyard, an organic tomato, mozzarella & basil caprese salad, and it's all styled very nicely on our Vanity Fair- The Portraits book. Y'know.. as you do. Because I always eat my salads off of coffee table books. Clearly.

Yes, if I didn't know me, I would think I was very hip indeed. :)

But the truth is, first we had to wash some dishes so we had anything clean to eat off of. Then for about the third time this week, a fruit fly landed in my chardonnay (which like I joked the first time, I guess made it just a little bit ironic. But suddenly the joke and the fly aren't so funny anymore). And finally when we started to eat the salad, we realized that the mozzarella had gone off. Like, really?? WHO does that happen to? I'm pretty certain, Giada would NOT be proud of this one.

To add to it, this week Cooper was shedding like crazy (I mean let's be clear, he sheds like crazy all year long. But twice a year.....twice a year, it looks like something straight out of that scene in Gremlins when Gizmo gets water spilled on him. I'm pretty sure we could make three entire new full grown dogs out of the tumbleweeds rolling around on our floor. Those of you with goldens will understand). While we were in Chicago we got a call from Justin's parents that Cooper really wasn't feeling well and was breaking out in these "hot spots" that he gets pretty often when he sheds like that. But these ones were especially bad and he had a temperature and wasn't eating, so they rushed him to the vet. Who did what he was supposed to do, and gave him medicine and shaved him down. Except that because the hot spots were especially bad this time, he had to shave a lot of him. Like a LOT lot of him. Like the whole bottom half of him. So the story is, we came home to poor puppy who looked a lot like this :)

And not only does he look like that, he's totally acting like that too. He's completely embarrassed like Daffy Duck without feathers or Donald Duck when he loses his towel (even though he's never wearing pants the rest of the time anyway....doesn't he realize that??). And I really do expect him to stand up like that any minute and cross both paws in front of him. Nope, I wouldn't be surprised if that happened at all.

So yea, it's safe to say yesterday was just one of those Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Days.

But you know what, such is the fabric of life. And just like Tootie told take the good, you take the bad, you take it all and there you have.

And if I'm going to share all the really good things with you, then I need to share the bad too. Because it just isn't real otherwise.

And after all anway who just might be one of the good ones. Here's hoping!

Happy Friday y'all!

Wed. Aug 29, 2012 by Mary    Portraits

Meet: Karen & Isaac

Karen & Isaac Stott are the kind of people who are just good for your soul.

Your tank can be running on the emptiest of empty, and just one afternoon with these two and suddenly you feel whole again. They are two of our dearest friends in the whole world, not to mention a shining example in our lives of what marriage should be. These two are team in every sense of the word, standing shoulder to shoulder as they build this life they dream of. And while they do it, they lift people up. They pour out love to everyone around them. And they work tirelessly to leave this world better than they found it.

In short, our lives got infinitely better when these two came into it. And there aren't enough words in the world to say how thankful we are for that.

While we were out in Portland a while back, we had the honor of photographing Karen & Isaac. They have a new brand on the horizon that they needed pictures for, but even more importantly....they just wanted to document their life and love together right now. So go on...spend a few minutes getting to know Karen & Isaac.

I guarantee you're going to fall in love with them as much as we have.

Meet: Karen & Isaac

And speaking of the amazing Karen Stott, I am getting SO excited to attend her Pursuit 31 Conference this October as one of the speakers. It's going to be three days of rest, recharging, and re-visioning at a retreat in Georgia...and did I mention there will be s'mores?! Registration is CLOSING this week on August 31st, so be sure to grab your spot to join us if you haven't already! And when you do, be sure to use the code "marymarantz" to get $250 off your seat! We'll see you there!

Tue. Aug 28, 2012 by Mary    Life with J&M

This is What Living is For

It was one of those perfect days.

You know the kind. The ones where time itself seems to slow down, and the minutes stack upon themselves in boundless abundance. It was the kind of day where you can hit up brunch, the farmer's market, and wine tasting....all to find out that it's still only lunch time. So you drive down country roads and let the hair blow across your face. And you don't care for a second how it will look when you're done. When you finally get to wherever it is that you're going. You breathe deep.

And you let go.

You sit on a porch swing. And eat homemade gazpacho. In white Pottery Barn bowls that make you feel like maybe, just maybe, Giada would be proud.

You walk in bare feet, and you slow dance in the kitchen.

And when the light finally sinks low and the day sighs into slumber, you say goodbye to the setting sun as it shines over your whole world. The two of them there together swimming in the water.

And you remember that this, this, is what living is for.

Mon. Aug 27, 2012 by Mary    Life with J&M

I Love You, Man.

Justin is the kind of guy who just naturally makes friends wherever he goes.

The grocery store, our regular lunch place, the car repair shop...wherever he goes, chances are he's going to strike up a conversation with somebody. Once, when he went to the post office, he met a guy who was sort of interested in photography... so he invited him back to our house to look at old cameras. Wait. Hold on. That's not enough emphasis...let's try that again. So he INVITED HIM BACK TO OUR HOUSE!!!! to look at old cameras. Why hello, Charles Manson. Let me show you where we keep the spare key!

A few days ago when I was working at my desk, I looked up to see Justin out our front window mowing our neighbor's lawn. He was wearing his protective eye wear and be-bopping his way in a criss-cross pattern toward the sidewalk, smiling the whole time. The next day, she thanked us profusely in baked goods.

You guys, I married Pollyanna.

So it should come as no surprise, that Justin & our grooms often strike up a bromance. I Love You, Man style. They can talk baseball, cars, Apple products. Spout of random sports trivia 'til the cows come home. And I think that's because our grooms are usually the exact same kind of stand up, friendly, easy going, mow your neighbor's lawn because her hip is hurting and it's the right thing to do sort of guys that Justin is. And I love that about them.

At yesterday's wedding, Justin was hanging out with our groom, Anthony, when the conversation turned (as these things normally do) to variations on the traditional fist bump. Justin had just demonstrated the fist bump jelly fish, when I grabbed these couple of shots of Anthony firing right back with the fist bump snail. Neither of which could I ever possible describe and give full justice to, so we'll just have to save it to show you in person the next time we see you.

Where rest assured, Justin will inevitable strike up the first conversation. And possibly also mow your lawn.

Fri. Aug 24, 2012 by Mary    The Latest

Last Day for The Guide Special!!

Good morning & Happy Friday friends!

Today we are off to put our toes in the sand, spray on a teflon-worthy coat of sunscreen, and not give up until the waves do. But before we take off, I wanted to hop on real quick and remind you that the special price of $99 for The Guide is ending today so be sure to grab your copy if you haven't yet! And also be sure to use the code "JustinMary" at checkout to lock in that price. Below, we've included some of the notes we've been getting from people all over who have already finished reading The Guide, just to give you an idea of what you'd be getting yourself into! :)

Happy Friday y'all!

Luke & Cat Neumayr:

Dear Justin and Mary,

I couldn’t resist sending you guys an e-mail this morning to let you know how much we have enjoyed The Guide.We were headed out the door one day to run what seemed like an endless to-do list of errands when I came across The Guide and fired off a quick e-mail to Luke (yes, I emailed someone who is in the same office as me) with the subject of “Lets Buy This” and only the link. After hearing your talk at WPPI and following your blog for so long, I knew that this was a must-have.

Once the day was over, Luke hunkered down with the iPad and read your words of wisdom. When he was finished, he handed it to me and said, “I can’t wait for you to read it and then we can talk about everything.”I finished reading The Guide sitting on our front porch yesterday, and since then, we have already put into action so many of the things you mentioned. You really put things into perspective for us, and in such an honest way. THANK YOU for reminding us that booking every inquiry is not everything, that waiting for the ideal client is worth the wait, that scarcity is a good thing… and so much more!

According to what I’ve seen on some of my friends’ Facebook posts, I think I can accurately compare MY feelings about The Guide (and my general sadness once I was done reading it… because I didn’t have MORE) to the way they all felt about Twilight, Hunger Games, or Fifty Shades. Ha!

Thanks again for pouring your knowledge into The Guide and sharing it with us all.

Luke and Cat

Tiffany Bolk::

Okay you guys, I just started reading the first few pages and I'm already getting emotional! These are some really heart felt words! But I really wasn't planning on crying this morning! I need to get some work done! Jeez! But thank you and I can't wait to read more! :)

Stephanie Stewart:

I LOVE The Guide! I must confess, I purchased it back when I listened to you on the Joy of Marketing's shin-dig! So worth it! It's beautifully written, stunningly bejeweled with tons of my favorite J&M images, and FULL of great tips, advice, and more! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lea Ciceraro:

Ok, so, The Guide is just genius, genius, GENIUS. Half the time I'm *almost* embarrassed because I feel like you're describing ME when talking about what NOT to do, and the other half I'm completely INSPIRED because of all of the brilliant ideas and advice you're offering up. So THANK YOU for making it relatable and useful and being honest in your own struggles, journey, and successes!! XO ♥

And a HUGE congrats going out to Karen Bonar, the winner of our This or That contest! Just shoot us an email Karen with your choice of J.Crew or Starbucks and we'll get you all set up!

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