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Mon. Jun 8, 2009 by Mary    Weddings

Married: Jenna & Joe

A chill New England wind blew in out of the south and waded its way through a mire of blue-gray fog. It darted between the sailcloths and snuck up behind her unexpectedly, wrapping her up in clean cotton sheets of cold salt air. Nearby, a thousand drops of mist meandered their way down the dock, past the boatyard, and landed themselves ever so casually and unapologetically on her cold, bare shoulders. And her whole body shivered in waves at their welcome. She pulled her veil close around her and stood quietly in the background. She didn't have to be there. Didn't have to wait. Her pictures were finished and she could've gone inside among the warm glow of friends & family. But she just smiled as she quietly declined.

"I'll wait for him."

She'd been waiting for somebody like him her whole life. Someone who would love her with his whole heart and take care of her the way that she knew she would always take care of him. Someone who takes her hand when she's getting out of a car and holds her just a little tighter when they dance. Someone who would love not only her, but her whole family as if they were his own. A comfort in the quiet, a compass in the storm. And today, more than any day, she knew that she had found him. See, she didn't have to be there. Didn't have to wait. But somewhere along the line she decided,

"I'll wait for him."

And that has made all the difference.

Married: Jenna & Joe

Jenna & Joe were married at the beautiful Black Rock Yacht Club with the help of the AMAZING Traci Romano Events and Katherine Jacob of KD&J Botanica. And they got the coolest day EVER with all this crazy beautiful fog. Cause as any photographer will tell you, we'll take clouds and fog over bright sun any day!!

So as you will very soon see why, I think their whole day felt like one big ongoing Ralph Lauren ad. Yea, it was nautical yumminess at its finest!

First up, Justin went to hang with the guys and got some of my favorite guys getting ready shots...ummm... EVER:

All of the groomsmen had custom suits, shirts and ties....they were sharp!!

LOVE this shot in the limo!

Meanwhile Julia & I were hanging with Jenna & the ladies at her parents' house.

The beautiful Priscilla of Boston dress:

I gotta be honest, I'm pretty proud of this one....rockin the shallow depth of field of the 50 1.4. (no blur added)

This is a cool moment with Jenna & her mom both putting their earrings on.

pretty reflection!

Then all the bridesmaids left for the ceremony and I got some time of Jenna to myself for some portraits around the house.

While Justin was at the yacht club grabbing some moments like these....

See.....Ralph Lauren calling!!

While J was with Joe, I was hanging back with Jenna & her dad.

Don't these guys just look like they could be selling a cologne?? Seriously!

Both of these are the ties!

Yea....I know!!! Super cute!

Jenna & her dad are very close and I just loved watching them interact. I was still hanging back with them....

while Justin was across the water getting shots like this.

And this. I love this one of Joe!

I swung around and grabbed this one.

While Justin was rockin the 70-200 for shots like this.

I think there is something very cool about this part of the ceremony. It's like everyone in the audience is sending all their love and hope for this one couple's future all out at once. It's so powerful and moving and I often end up wiping some secret tears away right about then. But just one or two and then it's back to work! :)

I grabbed both of these of Jenna's grandma waiting for them at the end of the aisle.

Then we headed over to the dock for some portrait-y time! Mine:

This one is also mine

But this one is Justin's

I think this one is J's on the left, mine on the right. But I'm not even sure right now to be honest!

Justin grabbed this shot of Jenna's beautiful swoopy veil just as the wind picked up!

While I was having fun with posing. :)

Then we brought in the whole bridal party for some nautical fun!! (Mine)


I grabbed this "shot" of the whole bridal party doing a....ahem toast to the bride & groom!!

J grabbed both of these during the first dance

While I was having some more fun with reflections

Love this moment in the father-daughter dance (J's shot)

Cake cutting!

And Hora!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for all the beautiful details put together by the amazing teams at Traci Romano Events and Botanica....there were just too many to fit into this post!!


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