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Tue. Jun 9, 2009 by Mary    Justin & Mary Brides

Justin & Mary Brides: Killer Details!

My cursor sat blinking at me, taunting me to find the words. With every flash I could feel it mocking me, pulling my proverbial pig tails and stealing my metaphorical lunch money. It kicked me twice in the shins and then knocked me down by the monkey bars.

Dear bloggity blog world, believe me when I cursor is a bully.

See for all my posturing and pontificating, the verbose prose and sing-songy meter....when it really counts, when I need to just say what I really need to say...

My words always fail me.

Like spend an extra year in second grade, you're the biggest kid on the see-saw kind of fail me. And my cursor, being the big bully that it is, loves nothing more than keeping me stuck at the bottom of the see-saw for all the world to see. While I helplessly plead Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown let me down. It's very embarrassing.

I spent a good hour trying to think of words that would come even close to explaining how talented these two women are, and how much they've meant to us these past two years. Big fluffy ten dollar words that you'd find in the front window at Barneys come Christmastime. And guess what....none of them came close. Because you can't put a simile on what real friendship means and flowery imagery will never take the place of real talent. So I'm just going to let their work speak for itself. Because believe me, I know it will do a much better job than I will.

Traci Romano of Traci Romano Events and Katherine Jacob of KD&J Botanica are responsible for all of the incredible details you are about to see. We absolutely love it when we get to shoot one of their weddings because we just get to show up and push the button. Believe me, they make us look so much better than we ever really are! :)

Traci & Katherine, we are in awe of you two. You never cease to amaze us....thank you for being the amazing friends that you are!

C' cute are those little clothes pins???

Jenna's bouquet was so pretty and delicate

These cutie petutie ring bearer pillows can be found at the TRE boutique. Lovin' the color!! :)

The gorgeous centerpieces and place cards

I absolutely love this set up for a card table!!

At the end of the night, Traci arranged for the incredible catering staff at The Black Rock Yacht Club to surprise the guests with mini hamburgers, grilled cheese, and fries. They were YUM-O!!!

And speaking of details, here's the most important detail in MY life just doing his thang!!

And to see more of what happens when the creative powerhouse of TRE meets Botanica, you can check out one of their latest collaborations HERE.


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