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Sun. Oct 11, 2009 by Mary    Weddings

Married: Kristin & Chad

There are moments in life when you can see love more clearly. Purely. Truly, madly, deeply. Moments when you can stand in the presence of two people in love and bask in the warmth of what was always meant to be. Feel a light on your face that radiates out from the inside. From two souls that have found one another. Check. Mate.

There are moments in life when a quiet observer gets to be part of something bigger than themselves. Gets to become part of the collective. A collective chorus of hope and love and joy, all radiating out from the inside for a life full of happiness for two people in love. A chorus of kindred hearts beating together in celebration.

For two souls... that have found one another.

Married: Kristin & Chad

Kristin & Chad are two of the nicest people in the world. No seriously, they have trophies. Well...see actually they used to have trophies. But they're so nice that they gave them away to those less fortunate...those who aren't nearly as nice as they are! :P From the very first time we met Kristin & Chad it was love at first sight. And we knew their Greenwich wedding was going to be nothing short of the kind of gala celebration that only the nicest people in the world deserve! And it was....oh yes it was! They were married on a day when the angels themselves rode golden, flarey sunbeams down to earth. Y'know just to tell them how nice they are! And we were just the lucky ones who got to be there and bask in their warmth. Kristin & Chad, we love you guys! You make us want to be better people. Thank you for the honor of sharing your lives with us!

So much love!

Check out Kristin's stunning Ines di Santo gown and Kate Spade shoes!!

Kristin & her mom getting their makeup done by the incredibly talented Jennie Fresa (love her!) Now you can see why Kristin is so beautiful!!

Before the ceremony, Chad & his family stood in a circle and sang hymns. It was maybe the coolest thing we've ever seen at a wedding!

Check out this doll!! And if you miss this one, trust me there are plenty more coming!!

Like this one!

I grabbed this one of Kristin heading up to the ceremony, and I have to admit to lurving it just a little bit!!

These two were SO cute through the whole ceremony. Check out all these little looks!



I have to admit to LOVING all the Marshall ladies. And secretly wishing I was one of them. What do you say gals? Can I be an honorary Marshall girl now?

We headed over to the country club for some more picture fun. While this was going on...

Our flower girl was busy doing this!! :)

The handsome fellas....

And our lovely ladies!


LOVE this one!!

I have to admit that we normally cringe at any reference to the paparazzi on the wedding day, but for just this one shot I think a paparazzi vibe was working!!

Stay tuned!! There were a TON of killer details from this wedding you won't want to miss!!


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