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Mon. Jun 7, 2010 by Mary    The Latest

Old Fashioned Lemonade: DIY Pom Poms

Happy Monday everyone! Here is some more DIY goodness from Julia to kick off your work week:

Pom poms are the perfect decoration (I know I just said that about flag garlands, but pom poms are right up there in my mind!). They add a pop of color, a splash of whimsy, and just look plain fun swinging in the breeze. Up until now, I had never considered the possiblity that pom poms were a true DIY project, one that you could actually do yourself and make look good. In short, pom poms intimidated me. Yes, I was intimidated by DIY floating airy tissue paper poofs. How sad is that? They just look so darn perfect in pictures- hanging above the party, perfectly spherical and poofed in all the right places. So logically, I approached this project with an air of caution. I laughed as I started, warning J&M that this might be the project that sends me over the edge. When my pom pom turn out looking like a crumpled lump of tissue paper- I will either laugh, cry, or some combination of both. I sighed, crossed my fingers and set to work.

Thankfully, the worst did not happen. I'm not going to lie, it was not the easiest project we put together. But after one was finished, I can state with certainty that I could do it again. And I know that the next one will look a little better, and the next one will look a little better than that one, and so on an so on. In fact, pom poms might just be making an appearance at the garden soiree I was dreaming about earlier in the week! I love them! They are fresh, and fun, and now I know, sort of manageable! :)

We started with 8 pieces of tissue paper, string (you can also use monofilament), floral wire, and scissors. It all looks pretty harmless sitting there doesn't it? The bright and cheery green has me thinking I might be able to do this after all!

We folded the tissue paper accordion style (each fold was about 1-2 inches wide). Then wrapped the middle with floral wire (about 20 inches long-). This is where I started to get scared. How do I get that derivative of a grade school fan to turn into a full, round, pom pom?!?

We trimmed the edges with the rotary trimmer just to make sure they were even. Then cut the edges so
they were rounded on each end.

This is what it looked like right before I went into full on panic mode :)

Next we pulled each layer out toward the center. We flipped it over and did the same thing on the other side.

Keep going! Word of warning, spread the tissue paper carefully! I may have ripped an edge or two while poofing it out!

Voila! A pom pom!! Not too shabby huh?!?

Did I mention Cooper helped us with our projects? No? Well he did!! Look at him with the paper and tissue!! He cheered us on from his place of honor- right in front of the fan!!!

Come back tomorrow for the next installment of DIY with the Marantz's!! (Shhh, this one is top secret!!!)


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