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Sat. Mar 12, 2011 by Mary    Weddings

Miami Botanical Gardens Wedding: Jill & Russ (Part I)

She sat in the makeup chair with her hands criss-crossed in her lap. She smiled and she took a deep breath. In the background, her bridesmaids chatted and laughed at inside jokes. And they looked at her like they were seeing her for the first time. It was the same Jill they had always known, but today somehow it felt different.

He stood at the bottom of a horizon rising of stone stairs and criss-crossed his feet below him. He smiled and he took a deep breath. In the background, she rounded a corner and he laughed at how nervous he felt. But when he turned to look at her, he looked at her like he was seeing her for the first time. Sure it was the same Jill he'd always known, but today somehow it felt different.

Together they stood in front of their friends & family as a warm Miami breeze sashayed across the front lawn, and they criss-crossed their hands together. Forever. They took turns between smiling and deep breaths. And in the background, everyone they loved radiated out their best hopes for a life filled with love. Together. But she saw only him. Because when he looked at her, when she saw herself in his eyes, it felt like she was seeing herself for the very first time.

Sure she was the same Jill she'd always been, but today somehow she knew it would always be different.

Married: Jill & Russ

Jill & Russ were married exactly a week ago. In a garden in Miami filled with light and laughter. They were the same Jill & Russ they'd always been, but somehow they laughed a little louder. Held on a little longer. And they inspired everyone watching to do the same. To soak in life like that. To not be afraid to shine. To love like you don't care who's watching. Jill & Russ, my wish for you is that you love every single day for the rest of your lives just like you did that day. Do that and the rest takes care of itself. Thank you for inspiring all of us to love more. We hope you are having an incredible time in St. Lucia. Drink a dirty banana for Justin!

So much love,

When the day starts out with a sparkly bag and a Monique Lhuillier gown you know it's going to be fantastic.

Add in some glittery Jimmy Choos and that's pretty much the perfect combination right there.

Oh wait, a vintage blingity-bling watch? THAT'S the perfect combination!

Russ you were looking so dapper that day. Beyond dapper, it was GQ worthy my friend!

After Russ got ready, he sent a little blue box Jill's way! :)

LOVED the feather headpieces Jill's bridesmaids wore. *Almost* as much as I loved her bridesmaids!

It's go time.

Jill exquisite bouquet courtesy of Dalsimer absolutely blew us away!

Jill, Jill, Jill.....there just aren't any words! You are iconic.

We had the lovely, lovely Miss Ashley Barnett along to help us out and that stunner of an image on the left is hers! Wowza, right??

Meanwhile, Justin was with Russ getting ready for the first look.


And then it was really GO time. The timeline got a little crunched earlier in the day, but we just rolled with it. I think we had about ten minutes total for pictures of the two of them. So it's really good to have a game plan in cases like that! 'Cause we ended up getting some of our favorite images ever!


Another one of Ashley's shots!

See what I'm saying about how awesome Jill's bridesmaids are?? Those girls can WORK IT!

Although the groomsmen were giving them a run for their money!

Stay tuned for Part II (and all the jaw-dropping "Black Tie BBQ" details Miss Tamara Cohen put together for these guys) coming your way soon!


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