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Tue. Nov 25, 2014 by Mary    The Latest

Announcing: The J&M Black Friday Sale!!

Happy Tuesday!

Today we are SO excited to announce our line up for our annual Black Friday sale!! All of these seats are not open yet & will go on sale midnight on Friday morning (12am EST), but we like to announce them a couple of days early so that everyone has a chance check their calendars, look at flights, etc! And that is especially true since we are announcing two BRAND NEW workshop dates today for our Walk Through One Days coming to two amazing cities hopefully near you, as well as some new cities that we're coming to for our mentoring sessions!

In addition to that, we are also going to be running one-day ONLY specials on our February 11-12th two day Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M "Burberry & Brass" themed workshop right here at our home in New Haven, CT, as well as our anniversary sessions and our ebook The Guide!! Whew!! It's going to be amazing! :)

So if you have been thinking about signing up for a workshop or session with us, this is the perfect time because they will never be lower than this! Mark your calendars & iPhone reminders, tell Siri to have your back, because at 12am Friday morning all of these spots will go on sale! And if our past Black Friday sales are any indication, they will go FAST!! We also have some extra special savings for the first few people to sign up for things, so read on for all the info on that!

And we are now SO excited to announce the winners of our Two-Day LIVE audience giveaway for December 4th & 5th!! We spent HOURS going through all of the amazing entries and were truly blown away by what everyone wrote & the stories you shared! We went through ROUNDS & ROUNDS of elimination just to get it down to a small enough group & when all was said & done, there were 7 (not 6!) stories we just couldn't shake. So we decided, there is ALWAYS room for one more at the table! :) So in no particular order, here are the seven

Maggie Trice
Rachel Brewer
Casey Edwards
Josh (nominated by Erica Loewenguth)
Banefsheh Saifollahi (nominated by Katie DeLorme)
Lanie Coulter
Meagan Fisher

Congrats everyone!! And we'll see you in December! And a HUGE thanks to everyone else who guys stay tuned, b/c we may or may not have some more giveaways up our sleeves! :)


First up, we are super excited to announce that we are coming to the following two cities to put on our Walk Through a Wedding One Day workshops because we have gotten SO many people asking us to come to both of them this past year! We aren't always able to come to every area that people ask for, but with both of these everything just worked out & lined up so perfectly that we'll be able to make it happen! So without further ado, we are so happy to announce that we will be coming to.....

Dallas, TX on April 2nd &
Nashville, TN on April 20th

Our "One Day workshops " workshops are normally $1000, but for one day only on Black Friday they will be $200 off. AND as an extra special bonus, the first 5 people who sign up in each city are going to get an extra $50 off for a total of $250 off!

What is a Walk ThroughOne Day workshop ?

Our Walk Through a Wedding "One Day" Workshop is twelve full hours of what it takes to shoot a wedding, including every tricky situation that comes with it. We will be walking through each step of the wedding day, as if we were actually shooting it. But y'know, with better vendor meals.We'll cover lighting, posing, timelines, shooting in a time crunch, dark churches, shooting reception details to get published, sparkler exits & more! We'll have a bride & groom to model for us and a whole spread of gorgeous details! Because we know what you know: shooting a wedding can be tricky business. And we're here to help you with all of those toughest parts of the day! **Note that our One Day workshops focus in solely on the shooting part of our normal Walk Through a Wedding workshop. If you are also interested in the business side of things (marketing, branding, pricing, workflow, getting booked, getting your name out there, getting your life back) then our two day Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M workshop in February is for you!

Next up, is our full two day Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M workshop taking place from Feb 11-12th at our home in New Haven, CT and including over 20 hours of teaching content! This is our biggest workshop & the one stop shop for everything you want to learn from us. We not only cover all of the shooting side of things like in our One Day's, we also dig deep into the business side and everything that comes after the wedding day and actually making a successful business out of this thing you love. This is perfect for people who are just looking to get their businesses started OR for people who have been doing this a while but the bookings just aren't where they need to be and/or you are trying to break into the high end of your market and keep feeling stuck. AND we are working with two AMAZING planners, Stacie & Erica from Stacie Shea Events to make this the prettiest workshop yet, including the extra added bonuses of a styled welcome dinner for all the attendees on the 10th & a SECOND styled shoot on Day 2!! Don't miss it!

For everyone who signs up on Black Friday we are going to be doing $250 off, AND the first 5 people to sign up are also going to get a copy of our ebook The Guide ($150 value!) With our two-part payment plan, that means you can lock in your seat on Friday for just $625!

Our anniversary sessions have been one of the highlights of our year in 2014! We just love marriage & we love celebrating with couples beyond the wedding day! This is the chance for you & the love of your life to get dressed up, go somewhere amazing & have iconic photos of you guys taken right where you are at this stage of life! Go all out with them & do something once in a lifetime worthy! Like next year when we're heading to Rome with an amazing couple to do one over there! They can be used as either an anniversary session or maternity shoot.

For everyone who signs up on Black Friday, you will get $250 off a $1500 session! We only have THREE sessions available so be sure to sign up as soon as they go live!

We have also made a few quick adjustments to our Spring mentoring dates to be able to line up with some cities that we're coming to! In addition to our January 14th & February 18th dates at our home in CT, we will also be bringing our mentoring sessions on the road for March & April!! We will be in...

Chapel Hill, NC on March 25th to line up with us speaking at the Clic Conference (so if you're coming to that this is a great chance to add on a mentoring session!) and
Nashville, TN on April 21st following our Walk Through One Day down there (so that's a great chance to stay an extra day & get help with the business side!)

Each mentoring date only has TWO spots available, so be sure to grab them fast! AND for anyone who signs up on Black Friday, you will get $100 off the $750 session that includes up to three hours of mentoring & mini head shots!

Our e-book The Guide with over 60 pages of insight from the past 10 years on business, marketing, pricing, and how we went from our "job interview days" to picking & choosing every couple that we work with!

For anyone who grabs their copy on Black Friday, it will be 50% off!

Happy Tuesday you guys!

Thu. Jan 16, 2014 by Mary    The Latest

"Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M" Workshop

Good morning & Happy Thursday!!

We have been working like busy little bees over here getting ready for some BIG things we have on our calendar to kick off this year (a HUGE three-day project we're filming next week with Profoto & speaking at United and WPPI next month just to name a couple). And one of those things that we've been hard at work planning & getting ready for in the midst of all that is our first Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M workshop of the year!! Whoo hoo!! :)

I joked the other day that this two-day workshop is kind of like the Super Bowl of our workshops, in that it basically covers everything that we teach (Lighting, Posing, Business, Branding, Systems, Marketing, Finding the Ideal Client, Running a Wedding Day, Pricing & Creating Better Images) all in one place. They are two intense days. But if you are looking for a way to jump start both your Business AND your photography....this is it!

We are extra excited for this one because I am personally in LOVE with the theme, We {Heart} Spade, which will be themed all around everything that's gold & glitters and bright colors just like Kate Spade. We have the absolutely amazing event planner Stacie Shea working with us on creating all the gorgeous details (I mean, sequined linens, anyone? And did I mention the glitter piņata?!) & there is even rumor that we're going to have a GOLD wedding dress. Yea, it's going to be all kinds of pretty!

Half the seats are already gone for this one, but we do have just 6 spots left! So if you want one, be sure to jump on it because I know they're going to go FAST! We just love hosting people SO much in our home, spending time with them, and building businesses together. So if you need somebody to push you, if you need somebody to help you, if you need somebody to answer your questions & not make you feel stupid...we would LOVE to see you here at our place in New Haven, CT on Feb 11-12th!!

The seats are normally $1500, but you can grab our early bird price of $250 off for the next few days with the code "EarlyBird" at checkout. Head on over HERE to grab your spot!!


Some thoughts from our past attendees!!

"I am SO thankful that I came to the Walk Through A Wedding workshop. It was invaluable to have the ability to slow down the wedding day and ask as many questions as I wanted. Justin and Mary took ample time to talk with us one-on-one to make sure we understood different shooting techniques, photographic concepts, and the thought process behind why we do what we do." - Katie Jordan

"After second shooting for a while, I decided to go full time with with weddings. Justin and Mary's Walk Through a Wedding could not have come at a better time for me. Yes, they took us through photographing an entire wedding, from the jewelry and perfume, to the cupcakes and flash. But that doesn't even begin to cover it. The day started with Mary telling us why they do it. Why are we there on the wedding day? What does this mean to us, to me? Justin and Mary taught me to have a game plan, how to interact with clients and make them feel comfortable, how to get through crunch time when the day has flown by and you only get 5 minutes for portraits. Most importantly, they taught me how to see the light. The list goes on and on. I can't wait use all these new techniques at my next wedding!" -Ashley Gillett

"Although I knew that I would love J&M, I didn't expect them to be the soft-spoken, humble and inspirational people that they are. Although I knew I'd learn a lot from this experience, I didn't think I would have almost an entire notebook full of, not only business ideas, but 'life' ideas. I walked into this experience feeling as though I was going about my photography business the wrong way, but I walked away from it feeling as if I was a photographer - not just someone who likes photography."
-Sharon Hundley

"Do it! Absolutely. If you're on the fence about whether or not to take the plunge and sign up for the J&M "Walk Through A Wedding", I will tell you with no hesitation, "Do It". This is one of the best decisions I have made for myself as a photographer. I would absolutely do it all over again." - Karen Shinkins

Tue. Aug 20, 2013 by Mary    Portraits

Meet: Katie Yuen

I first met the adorable Katie Yuen at one of our "Spread the Love" workshops in NYC a few years ago & then again when she helped out on one of our Walk Through a Wedding workshops. Since then, Katie has become someone I'm lucky enough to call a friend. I've watched her finish photo school, get married, and now start her photography business full time. A little while back we were able to get together with her to do one of our Mentoring Sessions + Mini Headshots, to brainstorm where her business should go from here. We created a strategy, set out a next action plan, and laid a path forward. Together. And from what she's told me, she's already tearing through that list we gave her like nobody's business. And I for one, can't wait to see her fly.

Katie is kind, loyal, and a gifted encourager. She is one of those bright shining lights that you just know is going to set the world on fire....and help a ton of people in the process. She stands for the good stuff. All of it. I'm telling you....keep your eye on this one!

Meet: Katie Yuen!!

**And if you are interested in signing up for your own Mentoring Session + Mini Headshots, so we can rock out a next action plan for your business & what's next- together- just shoot us an email at!!

Thu. Feb 21, 2013 by Mary    The Latest

Walk Through a Wedding w/ J&M: The Netherlands

Earlier this month, Justin & I got to fly to The Netherlands to be part of the Dutch Wedding Congress & while we were there we also stayed a few days extra to put on our Walk Through a Wedding workshop - the "Vanity Fair" edition. We had the absolute honor of spending two incredible days with an amazing group of photographers from all over Europe, including Holland, Germany & Belgium. We laughed together & cried together. And somewhere between our four different languages, we found one that we all speak in common: a love of photography and telling stories that will live on. I'm SO excited for the big things that I know they are all going to do and the ripple effects that are going to turn into huge waves in the industry over there! I can't wait to see you all rock it out!

I am also eternally grateful to the amazing Anouschka Rokebrand who is responsible for not only getting us to The Netherlands, but who then worked tirelessly to coordinate, host & put together every detail for our workshop. None of it would have happened without her! She is definitely someone who is making things happen in a BIG way in Europe & you should all definitely go check her out!!

Finally, we want to give a HUGE thanks to all of the incredible artists who came together to make the design board a reality. From the gorgeous flowers & paper to our couture pink gown to the delicious cupcakes & flawless makeup all the way to the impeccable service at our jaw-dropping location & our gorgeous, gorgeous models....we were blown away by the talent of everyone involved. Thank you guys for being so gifted at what you made our job easy!

Styling & Coordination: Anouschka Rokebrand
Venue: Landgoed Te Werve
Beauty: Katie Larcombe
Blooms: Don Florito
Baker: De Keukenprinses
Dress: Unielle Couture
Stationery: Cardwise
Models: Carina & David

Tue. Jul 31, 2012 by Mary    Weddings

Cairnwood Estate Wedding: Janki & Amit

He stood in an archway and waited for her to come. The bright Bryn Athyn sun bounced in and out of the stone work, and reflected in his eyes. But when he turned to see her, anyone could tell that it was nothing compared to the light he saw in her. They held on to one another. Watched the first of the guests start to arrive. And when the beat of a drum came rolling up the hill-strong, steady, certain- there was no question, this was exactly where they were always meant to be.

He stood in front of their friends and family and waited for the words to come. He had spent time writing his toast, so it was polished, poised, certain. But more than his words, what we all took notice of was the love reflected in his eyes. And when he turned and raised a glass to her, anyone could tell that it came directly from the light he saw in her. At the end of the night, they held on to one another. Watched the last of the guests start to leave. And when the only sound left was the sound of his voice-strong, steady, certain- there was no question....

she knew this was exactly where they were always meant to be.

Married: Janki & Amit

A huge HUGE thank you to Miss Katie Yuen for helping us out on this one!! Katie you rock our world & we would've been lost without you! :)

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