Mon. Jan 26, 2015 by Mary    The Latest

Three Days to Launch: Instagram Giveaways!!

Ohhh friends, it is getting REAL over here!! We are just 3 days from launch & we are on our 2nd day of the 5 Day Giveaway of things that helped inspire our new brand that we started yesterday on INSTAGRAM for $50 to Restoration Hardware!! If you aren't following along yet, there are still 4 amazing prizes up for grabs, so be sure to head over HERE & follow along!

Today we have one of our favorite things ever up for grabs! One of our main three words for the new site is "Iconic" and we wanted this new look to help make it clear that that is one of the things we want our work to stand for & be known for. And to attract the kind of couples who want exactly that! And one of the biggest sources of inspiration for both the site & our work has always been Vanity Fair, specifically this 100 Years book! It is GORGEOUS & packed full of photo inspiration. So THAT'S what we're giving away today!! To enter, head on over to INSTAGRAM & look for this post!


Fri. Jan 23, 2015 by Mary    The Latest

Six Days!! Join our J&M Newsletter to Be the First to See!!

Happy Friday friends!!

We are just SIX days from launch day over here!! And actually, our J&M Newsletter friends are going to get to see the first peek even sooner than that as we'll be sending out a first look the night before it goes live for everyone else! So if you want to be among the FIRST to see, definitely be sure to head over & join our newsletter community HERE!!

Also, we are going to be rolling out sneak peeks all week long over on Instagram, as well as doing 5 full days of crazy GIVEAWAYS, so be sure to head over & follow BOTH of us on Instagram to see everything as it's released and enter for all the chances to win!! Ahhh! Follow Justin HERE....and Mary HERE!!!

Have a great weekend you guys!

Thu. Jan 22, 2015 by Mary    The Latest

One Week to Launch!! A Look Back at the Old Brand

Whew, things are getting crazy over here!!

We are exactly one week to launch day on the new J&M Brand and there is still SO much to do!! (ahhh deep breaths!)

But one of the things that we got marked off the list yesterday was finishing up ordering all the new packaging. And that was so much fun to go through & dream up what it should all look like & put all the pieces together....and we can't WAIT for it to all come in, hopefully in time for next Thursday!

I will say though, that this is definitely one of those steps where it all started getting pretty real. Especially when we had to go into my office & clear out all the old packaging to start making room for it. And I have to admit, to getting a little emotional. I mean this little brand has carried us a long way. It's been with us through some of the most crazy, exciting times of our business...and it's watched us grow up.

I can still remember spray painting boxes in the driveway before we found out you can buy them & have your logo put on them too (thanks DNL Photo!) And I remember how crazy excited we were when these boutique bags came in and how we stamped everything that would stand still when our stamp came in!

Ahhh, as this week is counting down, we are SO ready to move on to the next step....but it's also a little sad letting go too. I kind of feel like we should be having those "look back" episodes set to a Sarah Mclachlan song, like they do like when shows like Friends went off the air (anybody else totally binge watching all 10 seasons now that it's on Netflix??) So this will be one episode at least: a look back at all of our current packaging before we retire it!

And don't worry, we will definitely be sharing all the new stuff as soon as we launch! 7 days to go!!! Whoooo!!

Happy Thursday friends!

Boutique Bags & Tissue Paper: Bags & Bows Online
Boxes: DNL Photo
All cards & stickers: WHCC
Tags: Handmade by Chocolate Creative Design
Stamp: Rubber
Custom Embosser: Acorn Sales
Custom Packaging Tape: Phoenix Tape
Ribbon: Ribbon Retreat (they have awesome prices on bulk orders!)

**And a HUGE congrats to our friends Katelyn & Michael who are launching their stunning new Katelyn James Photography brand at 12pm EST today!!! Definitely go check it out and pop some bubbly with's GORGEOUS!! We just love these guys & we know you will too!

Wed. Jan 21, 2015 by Mary    The Latest

Speaking at the Creative at Heart Conference!!

Happy Wednesday friends!!

Whew, this week is SO exciting with soooo much going on!! We have basically been glued to our computers all the last two weeks, cranking out all the final content & to do's for our brand new website, blog & brand. And we are SO excited to announce that we have an official launch date which we announced first over on Instagram! In just t-minus 8 days on January 29th everything will launch and we are counting the minutes until the big reveal! But if you want to be the first in the know for all the sneak peeks we are rolling out until then, be sure to follow along on Instagram & also sign up for our J&M Newsletter as those folks will be the first to see it!

In other super exciting news, we are so honored that the amazing ladies of the Creative At Heart Conference wrote to us and asked me to speak at their conference coming up fast on March 29-30th in Roanoke, VA! I followed along with the first one they put on this month and it just seems to be such an amazing conference, full of HEART and putting friendships above competition. I LOVE that and some of our favorite people in the world are also speaking there, so I know it's going to be amazing! The tickets are going on sale midnight on January 23rd and for just one day only you can lock in their super early bird price that will save you over $500. I know the seats are incredibly limited, so if you want to be among the first to grab your seat, head over HERE at midnight on Friday!

Ok, I'm off to go do some more website work! Wish me luck!

Tue. Jan 20, 2015 by Mary    Engagements

Yale Engagement Shoot: Ariana & Ron

Happy Tuesday friends!!

Today we are SO excited to share with you our first engagement shoot of 2015, and MAN what an amazing way to kick off the year! We got together with Ariana & Ron this past weekend to hang out, do their shoot around the the Yale campus, and finish up with some hand crafted mixology at the super fun 116 Crown.

From the first second these guys walked in the door, we just adored both of them! They are so cool and laid back, and we instantly had so much in common like our mutual love of crime shows! Not to mention that they have impeccable classic style, like the coat that she wore that belonged to her mom and his Burberry overcoat!

These two got engaged while they were on a trip to Paris, and Ron timed getting down on one knee perfectly with when the Eiffel Tower lit up that night. How amazing is that? So we're already making plans to go back over there with them for an anniversary shoot someday! :) But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Because first we'll have the HUGE honor of documenting their multiple day wedding in New York & Vermont this July. And judging by what we've already heard, it is going to be an INCREDIBLE couple of days! Until then, here are just a few of our favorites from the shoot!

Ari & Ron, you guys are amazing! We LOVED hanging out with you & we can't wait for the BIG day(s)!!
So much love,

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